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Microsoft Office 365 Backup - What You Need to Know

When choosing a solution for your business, choosing Microsoft 365 was probably an easy decision since it’s a dynamic, all-in-one collaborative workspace for your users.

“Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud which is designed to help you to pursue your passion and drive your business. More than just apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, M365 brings together best-in-class productivity apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security in one, connected experience.” - Microsoft

The services that are included in M365 probably remind you of Office 365. Microsoft 365 is a cloud service allowing individual users to access their data on PC in the Cloud from anywhere, at any time. As a subscription-based service with a 99.99% uptime, you can choose from personal, business, enterprise, or education plans.

Microsoft 365 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft’s primary focus is on handling the Microsoft 365 infrastructure and maintaining uptime for users, not on the backup of that data. Without third-party office 365 backup plans, your data could fall victim to one or several of these risks.

  1. Accidental deletion
  2. External threats
  3. Internal threats
  4. Retention policy confusion/gaps
  5. Hybrid environments
  6. Legal and compliance requirements
  7. Microsoft Teams data structure

Why isn’t OneDrive enough to save your data?

So why isn’t OneDrive enough to save your company data from these vulnerabilities? If you don’t have experience with Microsoft 365 security, you may think that Microsoft’s service OneDrive is all you require to save and protect your data and files. OneDrive is a form of backup that can result in data loss. Even though Microsoft tries to make M365 user-friendly and secure, many things could fall through the cracks without an experienced administrator that knows the ins and outs of M365 security. So, contrary to popular belief, Microsoft doesn’t take care of everything, and it’s on you to make sure you have a backup of your M365 data.

This misunderstanding of where accountability lies is where the Shared Responsibility Model comes in. The misunderstanding that Microsoft takes full accountability for your data can be detrimental to your security and you may require to reference the Shared Responsibility Model to re-assess how safe your data truly is. Firstly, multiple users perceive OneDrive as a complete cloud backup service. Nonetheless, OneDrive only stores a synchronized copy of your data in the Microsoft cloud. With a dedicated solution of Office 365 Backup Solutions, you wouldn't have to worry about OneDrive syncing a compromised file; you'd have all essential data in secure storage, ready for restoration.

Backing up Office 365 Data

Ultimately, you must ensure you have access to, and control over, your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams data.

“Microsoft just offers time-bound recovery options with no requirement for unlimited, point-in-time recovery.” - CloudAlly

Along with potential data loss, you also may not be meeting your compliance needs for your business. There are a few options for Office 365 backups, including on-premise or in the cloud. An advantage to having control of your company data is having the opportunity to back up your data as often as you want/need.


Wherever your company data is located – on-premises, public cloud, or managed cloud — you have peace of mind that your Microsoft 365 data is always backed up and accessible with the help of third-party office 365 backup solution like Apps4Rent. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provide Azure Cloud Backup Services and support their customers 24x7 which makes them superior partners to assign for the service.

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