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Common Marketing Myths and Misconceptions

There are many ways that marketing can be defined and measured. Marketing strategies are designed to attract new customers and increase brand loyalty. Marketing is not an art, it is a science. Marketing is the exchange of one for another, to realize a profit. Marketing is a tool used by companies to interact with their customers and drive sales. Marketing is a tool that allows a company to develop a plan to improve customer satisfaction or convert new customers to repeat customers.

Definition of Marketing

Marketing is the process by which a company exchanges one product for another in the hope that they will be exchanged for more goods and/or services in the future. Marketing is a powerful force that has shaped the growth and profitability of countless businesses. Marketing is a tool and an art that can be effective if executed correctly. In order for marketing to be successful, four Ps of marketing strategy must be utilized. Nowadays, there are more advanced methods of marketing being used. Podcasting is one such method, and many businesses opt to buy Spotify streams in order to reach a larger proportion of their target audience. You can also use high quality live stream tools to ensure your podcast is appealing to your audience.

Personal Selling 

The concept of marketing is a way to personalize selling. This concept makes marketing and selling personal. The goal of marketing is to find a common ground between the product and the consumer, establishing trust and a relationship. The process of selling is meant to make the product easy to relate to and understand rather than making a product that is so superior and unique that the consumer cannot relate to or understand it.

A coordinated marketing strategy is determined by the marketing research. The research is done to identify the customers needs and wants. The process of developing a coordinated marketing program starts with defining what customers' needs are. This defines the target market. The research then determines what these needs and wants are so that a marketing strategy can be developed.

Brand Development

The process of brand development is also part of the marketing research. The aim of branding is to create a distinctive image of the company that customers identify with and want to be associated with. The term brand is actually a short term for a particular brand image. The image should not be associated with any other companies or products. This will help in distinguishing your company from the rest of your competition.

Marketing Research for a Product Development Process

It is also part of the marketing research that marketing activities are done in a planned manner to develop a particular product. This includes conducting consumer surveys and focus groups. It also involves looking at the market trends and how the competition is likely to deal with the same product in the near future. This will help determine how you will address the product development challenge.

Influencer Marketing 

An important component of a brand is an influencer. An influencer has one or many products that they endorse. These products are often targeted towards the target market. A brand develops their own range of influencers to promote the brand. If these influencers to become vocal about their opinion of the brand then this can result in increased sales.

Branding and Influencer Marketing 

Many businesses use both branding and influencer marketing to promote their business. One of the concepts that works well for both strategies is the "use it or lose it" concept. If a customer does not purchase a product or service that they were looking forward to purchasing then this concept can help to build a positive reputation for the brand.

Branding Myopia 

A common marketing myopia that many marketers fall into is focusing only on what the customer wants or needs, without considering what the customer might want or need. For example, many marketers think that customer satisfaction means creating a perfect product or service, and if the product or service fails to meet the customer's expectations they become dissatisfied. However, a far better approach would be to think about how the customer might perceive the use of the product or service.


Another concept that many marketers don't pay enough attention to is the idea of "influencers". Influencers are consumers who are influential in a given market or culture. They can include influential consumers such as actors, politicians, musicians, and athletes. By including them in your marketing strategies you are providing them with another point of view and helping them make a more informed decision. By engaging an influencer you are allowing them to add another person to the mix of voices that they have in the marketplace, increasing their influence, awareness, and connection.

Marketing Myopia

The last, but certainly not least, of the major marketing concepts that marketers often fall short of when it comes to their business is marketing management. Marketing management is simply the act of finding ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. By monitoring and measuring your marketing strategies you will be able to maximize the profitability of your marketing strategies, find new markets, and better manage and control the scope and direction of your marketing techniques. By managing your marketing processes you will be better equipped to ensure that your marketing strategy is meeting its goals and your marketing strategies are actually working for you. This will help to ensure that all of your marketing strategies are working for you and not against you.

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