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Conduct Market Research for a High ROI Generating Mobile App Today!

Market research

By Scarlett Brown

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.” – Matt Galligan, Co-founder of Circa

Many organizations focus a lot of their time and resources on developing a great mobile app that would help them earn a great deal of customers. But even after working with the top mobile app development team, the app fails a few times. The issue here most of the time occurs during the launch time. During app launch, some of the businesses make a major mistake of assuming submitting to the app store would bring them customers, they forget among 1.5 MM apps their app rarely has a chance. According to a survey, the major issue that many of the apps face today is not of design or development but of marketing. It is important to tell your potential customers what you have for them, before you are available to them.

The Bad News: When it comes to customer acquisition, even the best of the apps fail without marketing.

The Good News: To market your app, you need not have a dedicated team or a heavy budget.

Doesn’t matter if you are focused on marketing or development/marketing jack-of-all-trades, you can simply put all your efforts in a strategy to master the app launch process and set your app ready for future success. This is a simple strategy with quite a pocket friendly budget and will help with the entire spectrum. It works on validation, testing, engagement, retention, referrals, and revenue.

The digital marketing experts share here a simple strategy that includes pre-launch, launch, and post-launch steps to come up with a high ROI.

Strategy to Read the Market and Sell Your App for High ROI

Before the Launch: Lay the Groundwork

The thumb rule of marketing. The first step of any marketing strategy is to answer the following questions:

  1. Who is supposed to use your app?
  2. What is the benefit of your app for your customers?
  3. What is the advantage of your app over your competition?

Your response to these questions will lay the foundation stone for your app marketing strategy. For consistent brand image, your marketing activities and reinforcement need to be planned.

Let’s talk in detail about each of these following points...

  1. Understand Your Customers

Do you know who would need your product or service? What are their requirements and expectations?

A detailed outlook of these questions will help you understand the response to your app. Market research for your product helps you to map out the profile of an ideal customer. Understand the application market size, gain valuable insights like age, location, gender, income, etc. and further work on other details.

Quantitative market research methods are used by marketers to ask questions to a target audience in an organized and methodical manner. The most common methods are surveys, polls, and questionnaires and responses are then analyzed to help you make the best decisions for your business. The best way to build your business around the needs of your consumers is to listen to their feedback.

  1. Find Target Audience

If you want to bring in the market what others are lacking, it is important to define what your audience is missing. Working on what your audience has to long for is an important part of realizing what you need to include in your app. This is the backdrop of the features and functions you may choose to include in your mobile application. If you solve people’s problems, you can reach your target market easily.

  1. Formulate Market Strategy

You would be targeting a global market, so bring on the table a strategy that would help you reach your target audience, communicate with them, and control your distribution channel. Remember this is not a local competition.

Understand customer requirements before deciding to move forward with any plans. Marketing intelligence can help you frame and implement the marketing strategies.

  1. Understand Your Competition

Understand your competitors’ strategy to acquire customers for competitive advantage. This would help you acquire customers easily. The competition has a greater customer base because their market research is way ahead of yours. When you analyze your strategy, you realize there are gaps in your business. Understand what works for you and what doesn’t.

You need to think creatively for a strategy, that would help you beat their strategy.

  1. Use Latest Trends

If you are looking for marketing strategies that can help your app reach the largest number of people use Google Trends. This would help you understand what people are looking for and what they want. Also, it would help you analyze what you need to provide a solution for.

  1. Look for Business Growth

Mobile app marketing research helps in comprehending the demands of the customers, detect various business opportunities, design the marketing campaign, minimize losses, and keep track of the competition. It would help you in the development process too.

You would understand what people look for and how you can bring on their screen the easiest solutions. This may seem difficult, but predicting pitfalls and exploring them for the best can help you survive the pressure.

  1. Get Prepared for Latest Trends

When developing an app for the audience, you want it to bring you great profits. A thorough research of the market would help you get important information and help you to identify and analyze market needs, customers, and also your competitors. When you are set to launch your app be stronger, well-informed, and better equipped with a mobile app developer to serve your target market in the best way possible.

The Final Takeaway!

Just launching your app would not help you earn any profits. You need to market your app the right way to earn great profits. If you can work on the competitor’s loops you can surely win the market and a greater audience. In the struggles of surviving the market you would need to make sure you know the market before you step into it.

All the Best for All Your Future Endeavors!

Scarlett Brown

Author’s Bio:

Scarlett Brown works with the digital marketing team at A3logics. She has been helping the organization to establish itself as one of the best enterprise mobility solutions providers around the globe. In her free time, she loves to enjoy her coffee with a Jane Austen work. You can always catch her here.

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