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Manual Versus AI-Powered Insurance Card Processing

Insurance processing is often the difference between thousands of dollars saved or lost. On the consumer side, improper processing can lead to denied insurance claims and heavy bills. On the payer side, improper processing wastes countless hours and resources which could be allocated elsewhere. 

Naturally then it’s in everyone's best interest to reduce these errors whenever possible. The best way to do this today is through AI-powered insurance card processing. Tradition processing is prone to human error, requires expertise, and takes up time. AI processing removes human input, is faster, and is very extensive.

This is because AI card readers, for example, are trained explicitly on insurance plans and cards. While there are already digital card readers, these simply recognize text, not the actual information. This difference is what allows AI-powered card readers to process data, not just recognize it. 

It’s these differences that allow AI-powered processing to save billions over the years. There are countless reasons that processing can go wrong, many of which are unavoidable. Cheaper plans simply often don’t have great coverage, for example. Yet human error, lack of expertise, and lack of time should never be the difference in a claim going through

Manual Versus AI-Powered Insurance Card Processing

Source: OrbitHC

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