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Easy Ways to Make Engaging Videos for Facebook

Videos for Facebook

Did you know that more than 8 billion videos or over 100 million video hours are being watched on Facebook every day? If you happen to be one of the one billion active users on this social media giant, then you have surely observed the rise of video content on your News Feed. Videos have enhanced the overall Facebook browsing experience and content is shifting from images and memes to accommodate a lot more videos from brands.

That’s because marketers have caught onto video marketing as a new and effective marketing tool. A recent report reveals that potential customers that have watched a video are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase compared to those who did not watch a video. That’s why it’s important to understand how to make engaging videoa and ads for Facebook now more than ever!

What are Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook video ads are Facebook-specific advertisements in the form of video-based content. Rather than writing lengthy text posts or uploading an image with an offer, you can consider uploading a video in order to stand out in the feed. Basically, you can create a video in-house or use existing video footage and upload the same to the native video player on Facebook.

While uploading top-quality Facebook videos, the role of a feature-rich video editor – like the one offered by Clipchamp - is of great importance. Clipchamp enables users to create Facebook video ads in a seamless way with the help of their 800k+ stock video and audio library and easy-to-use ad templates.

In order to create a good video ad, you need to know what the general video trends are for in-feed Facebook videos.

Top Ways to Create Engaging Videos for Facebook

If you wish to leverage the potential offered by Facebook advertising, then you should aim at making innovative video ads to entice your Facebook target audience. As Facebook continuously keeps evolving as well as adding new features, then you should aim at upgrading your respective Facebook advertising strategy as well. Here are some tips for drawing attention of your Facebook target audience through video-based content:

  • Create Square Videos: Square videos on Facebook are known to outrun the traditional landscape videos on the leading social media platform. This holds true especially for factors like the overall average engagement, reach, and views – especially on mobile. It’s estimated that around 92 percent of social media users make use of Facebook on a daily basis.

    As more people continue watching interactive videos on their smartphones, it is a great idea to try out the square videos for observing whether or not the same improves your overall video ad performance. You can also consider making use of vertical videos as Facebook is now known to reveal larger-sized previews for vertically-sized videos on the respective Newsfeed on smartphones.

  • Grab Attention in Three Seconds: Facebook videos are known to auto-play to catch the attention of the viewers while convincing them to watch more. Therefore, the Facebook videos that you create should feature a powerful opening in the first three seconds to captivate your target audience – without any sound or effects.

    While creating the best first impression within a matter of three seconds, here are some important points to know about:

  • Amazing Thumbnails: You can consider uploading custom thumbnails for capturing the attention of the viewers as they would scroll down their respective feed.
  • Providing a Short Update About the Post: In some cases, it could be the title of the video. Otherwise, it could also be a small tease about what the video is about.
  • Instant Start: You should not waste time leading into the subject matter. Generally, the first frame that you create should help start delivering your message.
  • Add Captions to Videos: As an estimate, it is believed that around 85 percent of videos on Facebook are browsed without sound. While Facebook promotes the auto-play feature on the mobile-based News Feed with the sound capability, a majority of viewers are known to go through such videos without any sound. If the viewer is not able to interpret your video without the sound, the chances that you should choose some other method of conveying the message to the target audience.

    One such way of doing the same is by adding captions to the respective Facebook videos. When you are uploading the video on Facebook, you can get the option of uploading the SRT file of the captions. Moreover, you can also consider adding captions to the existing Facebook videos by editing the same. Clipchamp offers the easiest timeline-style video editing experience to help add captions to any Facebook video.

  • Suggest Viewers to Tap for Sound: There’s another great way for working around restrictions of auto-play videos on Facebook that are mostly silent. You can suggest viewers to tap for sound with the help of a pop-up. While pop-ups can turn out to be annoying at most times, you should aim at designing it in a c the same in an appropriate manner. Moreover, such pop-ups should also be timed properly for delivering a highly non-disruptive experience to the viewers.
  • Emphasize a Single Focus Point: If you are considering creating a shareable video on Facebook, then you should emphasize promoting a single key point. When the video that you create is simple to understand, there are increased chances of the viewers sharing the same. This is because it becomes easier for them to explain the video and why they shared it in the first place.
  • Upload the Videos Natively: When you upload videos onto Facebook (or “natively”), it is known to perform better compared to a video that’s linked from another streaming platform like YouTube. “Native videos” are referred to as videos that are uploaded to the given network directly. It's been observed that the overall interaction rate for native videos on Facebook turned out to be 109.67 percent higher in comparison to the YouTube videos.

Make the most of the leading social media giant’s reach to promote your brand or services through interactive Facebook videos and ads!

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