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How Can Machine Learning Revamp Your Mobile App?

A Brief Introduction

Mobile technology has quickened the speed at which users access data. In the current time, smartphones have become rich storehouses of memories and content. You might be astounded to realize that almost one-fifth of the total mobile phone users (17%) use mobile for the more significant part of their internet perusing.

The advent of Machine Learning has reshaped the whole mobile industry. Its execution makes the AI and mobile application smarter than people along these lines, offering a superior user experience.

According to a new study, it is expected that in the coming years, the number of organizations investing resources into Machine Learning will get multiplied (about 64%). Machine Learning helps make mobile applications more comfortable to use and improves the overall web experience. 

Importance of Machine Learning

Since Machine Learning offers alluring advantages in creating mobile applications, it has become the town's talk these days. Machine learning makes it simpler to utilize mobile platforms yet in addition assists with improving the customer client experience. Numerous large enterprises like the utilization of AI in mobile application development.

As per Allied Market Research, Machine Learning is growing at a CAGR of 39.0% from 2017–2023. Moreover, the report recommends that Machine Learning as a service market will reach $5,537 million in 2023. This article discusses how Machine Learning can revamp your AI and mobile application.

Industry Overview

The Machine Learning industry is ready for action. Numerous large enterprises and application development organizations use Machine Learning to revamp their mobile applications. Research and studies show that Machine Learning reigns the mobile market in the present times.

As indicated by Statista, in the year 2018, the whole business esteem for Machine Learning has reached $16.9 billion. Another Statista report recommends that machine learning applications pulled in $29 billion during March 2019.

What Machine Learning has to offer for your Mobile App?

Over the last 20 years, the customer’s expectations have significantly expanded. Digitization has expanded the accessibility of several options for customers. This has likewise hardened the competition among the companies that are investigating better approaches to outflank their competitors. This prompted the utilization of AI in application development by different mobile industries.

In the present customer-driven economy, building trust is a critical advantage. Today, organizations can draw in clients by giving what they need at the ideal time. Consequently, clients incline toward organizations that can foresee their necessities and prerequisites. Here, in this blog, we have listed all the advantages of utilizing Machine Learning in mobile app development.

  1. Personalized Experience
    Machine Learning can assist an individual with this. With various algorithms and artificial intelligence, one can order the users based on their interests. This assists with recognizing customers dependent on their decisions and interests. Later utilizing this data, recommendations can be popped right onto customers’ devices. Besides, one can utilize Machine Learning to use information data and learn about it.

    When one gets the ideal user information, at that point, this can be utilized to configure marketing strategies for promoting the products. ML algorithms help to locate a unique methodology that assists with focusing on each customer of varied groups.

  2. Advanced Search
    Machine Learning solutions help improve search in the applications and convey better outcomes, making searching more intuitive and less burdensome for your customers. Machine learning algorithms dependent on client's inquiries show refined outcomes that matter most to a specific individual.

    Another significant advantage of utilizing Machine Learning in mobile app development is that it utilizes Cognitive Technology. It assists with gathering articles, DIY recordings, FAQs, reports, and contents into a knowledge graph that assists with offering more brilliant self-service and prompt answers.

    Modern apps built utilizing Machine Learning permit you to gather accessible information about your clients, such as search histories and typical actions. The information can be combined with behavioral data and search requests. This assists with ranking products and services, indicating the best-matching search results.

  3. Predicts User Behavior
    Machine Learning makes it simpler to understand the user’s choice. This is the reason Machine Learning and AI in application development play a fundamental part. Machine Learning assists marketers with understanding users’ preferences and behavior patterns by examining various types of information. It assists with discovering client data, which includes: age, gender, location, search requests, etc.

    Knowing more about the clients and their inclinations helps to engage more users. This improves the viability of a mobile App, thus marketing the product. ML monitors the user’s preferences and preferences that expand user engagement and their time on the mobile and AI applications.

  4. Relevant Ads
    Advertisements act as the foundation of businesses. Advertisements and marketing strategies help in drawing in clients. However, it is not that simple. Right ads to the right audience is a difficult task. The purchasers expect content that is both valuable and logically applicable. Significantly, the relevant ads are planned that serve the right information at the right time.

    With advertising getting more customized, Machine Learning assumes a significant part in permitting companies to target advertisements and customized messages precisely. It goes about as a viable marketing tool. Machine Learning helps in planning successful advertising procedures to promote your product. The algorithms measure the favored decisions of the people and show relevant ads at the correct time.

  5. Improved Security
    Machine Learning can assist with smoothing out app authentication hence improving the security of your mobile application. This assists with making your application more secure and robust. Video, audio, and voice recognition make it feasible for the customers to validate utilizing their biometric information, for example, face or finger impression.

    Picking Machine Learning is a keen choice to revamp your mobile application and to make it safer. Different applications like Zoom application and BioID utilize Machine Learning. It permits the clients to sign in to different sites and applications with super secure, selfie-style face confirmation.

    AI also offers quick and secure login to the clients yet in addition, assists with identifying dubious activities. AI algorithms can easily track unidentified malware assaults, accordingly shielding an application from threats.

  6. More User Engagement
    ML algorithms help in deciding the critical interests of your target customers. It gives pertinent ads that bring the right information at the right time to your users. Other than these, Machine Learning instruments give a broad scope of features that help engage more users.

Top Machine Learning Applications

Without substantial outcomes, investors won't proceed with their support. Fortunately, different applications fulfill their trust. These different ML-controlled mobile applications are incredible and easy to use. Some of the top ML-controlled mobile applications are:

  1. Snapchat: This messaging application has magnificent face detection capacities. Its filters combine ML algorithms with augmented reality. Photographs get handled as data sets with individual color pixels. Repeated scanning, contrasting clues, and grayscale values get prepared to recognize faces. To accentuate, it likewise makes 3D masks utilizing data training, scaling, rotation, alignment, etc.
  2. Google Maps: Google examines and investigates a large number of data sets. They use preparing models to aggregate location data. Also, later logical regression gets applied to make parking lot predictions and related administrations. 
  3. Tinder: This dating application utilizes Smart Photos to discover wonderful matches and perfect partners. Profile swipes get analyzed to reorder popular photos. The framework consistently learns and improves itself utilizing inputs.

  4. Netflix: This streaming service utilizes regression and learning algorithms as well. It arranges content based on genre, actors, reviews, year, etc. The application learns from user activity and behavior to recommend the movie and customized content.


Until now, we have perceived how Machine Learning has altered the mobile industry and the advantages of utilizing it. With improved security and extraordinary client experience, Machine Learning is the ideal decision that one can make to revamp their mobile App.

Machine Learning technology can improve the mobile application and make it more proficient by giving an efficient, personalized engine, quick and secure authentication, and protection against fraud. Engage more users utilizing ML algorithms and reach out to the audience.

At this point, one would have unquestionably realized that applications fabricated utilizing ML help to meet excellence and satisfy the users' issues. One can also pick Machine Learning to revamp both AI and mobile applications and get advanced features ingrained in them for making an enormous client base for the business. Large enterprises and market pioneers are applying machine learning in all achievable and potential manners.


Shruti Bansal is a tech enthusiast with a specialization in Digital Marketing. She is passionate about technology, internet marketing, big data, and writing. Currently working in a Chatbot and Mobile App Development Company. Reading novels, traveling, researching new online marketing trends are some of her areas of interest that keep her rejuvenated.

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