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Impact of Machine Learning Developmen
in the Healthcare Industry

By Hiten Dudhatra

The healthcare industry across the globe is ramping-up at a more massive pace. According to recent research, the industry will cross the global mark of 2 trillion in 2020. However, this growth will take place despite the ebbing of economic slowdowns. In general, Human beings are living a healthier and longer life.

Nowadays, robots are widely used in several operations like hip replacement, kidney transplant, and gallbladder removal.

Many surgical jobs that were unthinkable sixty years ago can be seen now. A few of them are the early diagnosis of skin cancer, breast reconstruction surgeries.

However, the rising concern is the population figures that are expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030.

It could lead to a situation where meeting the healthcare needs for every individual could be a challenge. Machine learning or ML at this place plays a significant role. ML can help achieve the accuracy of diagnosis, identify infection risks, and design personalized treatment plans.

Sectors in Healthcare evolving due to Machine Learning

The collaborations of the healthcare industry with the stakeholders, new care delivery models and holistic therapies have taken place due to the advancement of technology. There are many areas where ML innovations are taking place. Some of them include:

  • Optimized patient recruitment for clinical trials - 
    It is not an easy task to sign up volunteers for the clinical trials. Many filters have to be applied to find the perfect fit. With the help of Machine learning, psychological behavior, past medical records, family health history, and more, things are easily accessible.

    Additionally, to monitor the biological metrics on individuals and the effects of clinical trials, in the long run, technology plays a significant role. Medical professionals use such compelling data to reduce the trial period. Also, it helps to reduce the overall cost and to increase the effectiveness of the experiment.

  • Early skin cancer detection - 
    According to CISCO, machine to machine connection or ML development services is growing at 30% CAGR in the global healthcare industry. It is the highest compared to other sectors.

    Machine learning development company helps to analyze patient data and diagnosis of many medical conditions. One of them being skin cancer.

    Machine learning development services have changed all of that. An Australian based AI software application compares and calculates the structure, size, and diameter of the moles. The user can take pictures at predefined intervals, which help differentiate between malignant and benign lesions on the skin.

  • Drug discovery - 
    With the help of machine learning, several discoveries have taken place. Some of them are precision medicine, next-generation sequencing, etc. These ensure that the drug has the right effects on the patient body.

Five benefits of Machine Learning in the Healthcare industry

1. Drug discovery and development

A machine learning development company is playing many vital roles in Healthcare. Some deep impacts are applications in accuracy medicines and next-generation sequencing.

ML development services are used within precision medicine to understand the diseases and also to grab better treatment programs for them.

2. Automation

A method in which industrialization could discover itself as the future of the healthcare system is blending Machine learning Algorithms with robotic surgeons.

The healthcare industry will not lack behind, as it is also using autonomous tools and systems.

3. Robotic surgery

Robotic surgery is not a new concept. However, machine learning concepts have enabled the use of robots for surgery, which was not possible to use robots for surgical methods.

The positives of following human doctors with robots include offering work in closed areas and fewer details.

4. Improves medical diagnostics

One of the significant challenges faced by ML is diagnosing and identifying diseases. According to the results issued in JAMA or Journal of the American Medical Association emphasized on how machine learning Algorithms had high sensitivity for identifying macular edema in retinal fundus images.

5. Understanding Medical data

The number of methods in which extensive pharmaceutical data from undefined means is growing is due to the healthcare-focused IOT or Internet of things devices.

The apps help to follow the user’s condition and get the data frequently, as it will help in further studies.

Bottom line

Today, the application of machine learning can be seen in every sector. The Healthcare industry is also getting advanced and automated by machine learning services. Day by day, new practices are coming to diagnose the disease and cure it.

Healthcare industries interested in machine learning development services can contact Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited.

Author Bio:

Hiten Dudhatra is a Team Lead - Digital Marketing at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He likes to share his opinions on IT & Telecommunication industries via contributed articles. His main interest to write the content for Machine Learning Development Services & Artificial Intelligence. @hitendudhatra

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