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Has Covid-19 Impacted Your Church? My Low-Budget Website Builder Can Help

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic churches have struggled to face financial challenges. With churchgoing numbers decreasing due to disinterest from younger demographics, many parishes have tried to stay afloat financially and resorted to closing and combining their ministry with other churches. With the lack of newly ordained priests replacing those retiring, some priests must serve at more than one parish and celebrate Mass several times a day.

Although the Catholic Church already faces its challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic did not make saving money any easier. As churches closed around the country and thousands became unemployed, the source of income that so many churches rely on became reduced, as parishioners delayed their giving and chose to support their families during the uncertainty. Many parishes have been forced to lay off paid staff to save money, push off important projects such as necessary construction and celebrations, and postpone mission trips, which evangelize God’s word to so many people in different areas of the world. Even though many churches around the world have opened their doors, the economic recession will affect the Church for years to come.

Luckily, living in this digital age has provided parishioners—and even those outside the faith—an outlet to engage with the Catholic Church online. The restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused people to rely on the internet more heavily than ever; activities such as shopping, social interaction, and church gatherings transitioned to a solely online presence. To adapt to this need, churches need a reliable website to stream their online Masses, display their Mass schedules, and create a platform for online giving. However, most times, church staff need to rely on a volunteer with software experience who isn’t always available or choose a website builder that costs them hundreds of dollars a month. In these times, churches—especially those that have already consolidated their ministries—can’t afford any unnecessary expenses.

Churches should be able to access ad-free, cost-free software that is easy to understand and use. My mission is to provide churches with a platform that can save hundreds of dollars per month and thousands of dollars per year. What drives up the prices of website builders is the staff of designers who work on them; however, after my own experience of working with church administrators and watching them build their websites, I believe these paid staff aren’t entirely necessary. The website builder that I am in the process of developing is built from the ground up around the idea of churches clustering together. An upcoming mobile application will also include an addition of push notifications, which will remind parishioners of upcoming events and online donations.

Through my software, Catholic churches can save money and put it toward feeding the poor, assisting the sick, and performing maintenance on their parishes. A Catholic myself, I bring 20 years of experience in web development—10 of those in content management systems. I started “Catholic Churches Near Me” so anyone can find a church near them, with the goal of ultimately providing a website builder for each of the 20,000 parishes in my database. I’m ready to give back to the community and help churches save money with my software. Please feel free to contact me for a free consultation to see how my services can help your parish community.

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