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What Are the Long-Term Effects of Living
in a Technological World?

Living in a Technological World

One cannot imagine living in a tech-free world today. Be it for personal use, business use, or just leisure. Technology has taken over the world by storm and is constantly evolving. It has affected all aspects of our lives. Today the fact that your reading this article, on your phone our tablet is only possible because of all this technology.

There was a time no one could imagine our lives would be any different if we didn’t have all this technology surrounding us. But today we wake up with our digital alarm clock or cell phone alarm, go to work with and work with all tech gadgets to earn money, and then we also use cool automated lights controlled by our phones to set the environment when we get home from work.

From our, everyday lives, of offices, commutes, foods, cleaning our homes, etc., every aspect has been accentuated with technological advances.

So one does wonder what is the long term effect of living in the technological world. Are we better off? Or is all this dependence on technology making us lethargic and just setting us up for failure in the long run?

In this article, we have answered these questions for your convenience.

Long Term Effects of Living in a Technological world:

If we compare the lifestyle of people years ago who lived in a tech-free world, to the lifestyle of today. We do believe we are better off and are thankful to all those individuals who with their bright and intellectual minds made these inventions.

However, to give you a better idea, we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Long Term Advantages of Living in a Technological world:

  • Technology has allowed people to do things faster and easier for us. Today businesses are taking the most advantage of these tech tools. Businesses have the ability to increase their targeted audience outreach via the internet and all different kinds of tech tools. Microwave has saved us a lot of time from warming foods up in a pan and on fire, and now we can just put our food in the oven and it will be warm in a minute or so.

    The examples of technology that has simplified life for us are endless. We have only mentioned a few.

  • Communication, hands down, has become easier. No one could have communicated with their loved one across the world this easily in a tech-free world. Do you know how communication was made in early times? Letters! And it would take months to reach its destination, depending on the distance of the location; it could even be more than 6 months.

    No one wants to go back to that time. No one! Even baby boomers are thankful for these tech advances that made communication easier. Sending their loved ones off to distant places has become easier due to WhatsApp and Facebook video calls. A connection can now be made anytime, from any part of the world. And this is the best thing about technology.

  • By communication, we do not just mean audio communication but you can hold a video call with your loved ones. A lot of businesses make sales video calls as well, Just the other day we heard about a video call that was made to show titan repacking kits to a customer.
  • Social media pages and websites have made it possible to have foreign clients for their business.
  • Disable people have been taking advantage the most of these tech advances, in terms of wheelchair revolutions, voice apps, etc. There is something for everyone to help them out with their disability and make the world a little easier for them.
  • Medical innovations have increased by two folds with the help of all the technological advances. Check-ups and detection of diseases have become easier and quicker.

The advantages are endless; now let us look at a few disadvantages.

Long Term Disadvantages of Living in a Technological world:

  • Tech advances have made people phone addicts, which in turn have socially isolated them in the real world.
  • Social activities, family times, and physical activities have taken a hit. Because now people are glued to their Xboxes and virtual games and online friends.
  • Technology has increased depression among individuals who have a tough time staying away from the phone, looking at all the things and products they cannot buy. It has made people greedy, depressive, inactive, and overeating.
  • Cellphone and laptop addiction has become real, where people find it hard to stay disconnected from their phones. One notification or a beep, and there goes another hour surfing the phones, listening to podcasts, watching funny videos or promotional videos of titan repacking kits, etc.
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