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Likes to Disappear From Instagram -
Does It Matter?

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In a significant announcement, Instagram recently declared that they are disabling the like count for many users in an experiment to see if likes influence the way people engage with content.

Instagram recognises that mental health issues are prevalent amongst younger users who are competing for likes. The company wants its users to feel comfortable when expressing themselves through the platform. One suggestion is that people fear to share issues that are truly important to them because of the ridicule they might face if they receive a small like count.  

So is buying likes for Instagram still worth it?

Currently, the test has been rolled out to most parts of the world, and the initial feedback suggests that users quite like the change.

It remains to be seen what the effects, if any, will be on influencers who rely on this vanity metric for income. It will inevitably impact their bottom line, and they will have to prove their value differently, but if you use this channel for music promotion, then it’s quite possible to continue in the same vein and purchase Instagram likes.

So, what does this mean for musicians? Well, not a lot really. 

You will still be able to like content, and you will always be able to see the like count on your own posts, just not on others. 

In the end, the music shall speak for itself.

Have you been nervous about putting out new music because you were worried about how many likes it might receive? Strike now while the iron is hot. Buy Instagram followers and boost all your metrics to see if your music is quality, not popular. 

Although both qualities help when it comes to music promotion, quality material stands the test of time, but popularity is fleeting. Get some traction and buy views on Instagram or promote Instagram pages to see if those viewers return to check out your new stuff. 

Instagram promotion is no longer a popularity contest; it’s a level playing field for everyone.

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