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Vladimir Okhotnikov: Liberland Demonstrates a Revolutionary Approach to Creating a Society of the Future

Vladimir Okhotnikov

Vladimir Okhotnikov, a well-known expert in the field of metaverses and blockchain, commented on an article about the microstate of Liberland. It is dedicated to the desire to create an innovative society using virtual reality technologies.

The article details the ambitious Liberland project, which aims to become a unique space with limited government intervention and a priority for individual freedoms. According to Liberland founder Vit Jedlicka, all the country's activities, from the judicial system to voting, are organized through the blockchain, ensuring transparency and efficiency of processes.

Vladimir Okhotnikov on innovative approaches to the state structure

Okhotnikov praised Liberland's innovative approach, noting that the use of meritocracy, which takes into account the merits of citizens, and voluntary taxation are truly revolutionary ideas.

Liberland shows a completely different approach to organizing society, where citizens are involved in social processes and have real influence on decision-making,” the expert said.

Vladimir Okhotnikov expressed his point of view regarding the influence of metaverses on solving social problems. In his opinion, for virtual reality to help reduce disparities, it is necessary to ensure equal access to technology.

If the opportunities provided by metaverses are limited, this will only exacerbate existing social and economic inequalities,” he emphasized.

In conclusion, Vladimir Okhotnikov noted that regardless of the circumstances, with the development of metaverses we are entering a new era, where traditional ideas about work and the role of the state are changing, and value is determined solely by skills transferred to virtual reality.

About Vladimir Okhotnikov

Vladimir Okhotnikov is one of the pioneers who got to know the VR technologies in the early stages of their development, when most people were not yet paying attention to them. He sees the potential in new technologies and foresees their impact on the future of society, which helps him develop his own metaverse.


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