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How to Learn Digital Marketing in 2019

First things first, do you know what digital marketing is? Well, if you do, how do you get to learn digital marketing? Just to mention, digital marketing basically involves using all the available online and digital platforms for marketing. It is also referred to as online or offline marketing. Companies like Voy Media offer dedicated digital marketing services to take your brand presence to the next level.

To succeed in digital marketing, you should develop specific skills matching online marketing technology. Digital marketing requires a combination of patience and perseverance. However, thankfully, you don’t have to sit in a classroom or attend a college to become an expert in this. There are several ways you can learn digital marketing in 2019 for free.

To build your digital marketing skills, you should develop expertise in the following specific areas.

  • Search Engine Marketing
    SEM is probably a significant aspect of digital marketing. This component deals with various search engines either through the use of Paid Search Advertising or Search Engine Optimization.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization basically describes optimizing a website for higher ranking in organic search engine results. This component is essential to online marketing as it can drive highly targeted traffic to your blog or website. Compared to Paid Ads, SEO is slower but can generate better results in the long term.

    As a beginner, note that SEO isn’t static as it changes over time. Google reportedly makes more than 250 changes in SEO ranking algorithm yearly. This said you should continually monitor SEO updates for new changes and adjust your online marketing strategy accordingly.

  • PPC
    Also called Paid Search Advertising, this is another essential component of search engine marketing. With PPC, you can reach the target customers faster than SEO. However, you will have to pay every time a customer clicks on the Ad. The biggest form of PPC currently is Google Ads, which allows users to show their ads on Google among Google Search Engine Results.

    There are various online sources you can learn PPC. Getting such certification can make you an accomplished digital marketer. However, note that at the end of it all, your ambition as a digital marketing expert is to combine all available digital marketing channels and use them concurrently.

  • Content Marketing
    Currently, all digital marketing strategies are based on content. Be it SEO, social media marketing or email marketing, you should create quality content that can reach and engage with your prospects in various digital channels. With content marketing, you should identify create and promote quality content to the right audience.

    In order to be a good content marketer, you should have impeccable writing skills, copywriting skills, SEO and analytical skills.

  • Inbound Marketing
    Any good digital marketer should be able to combine various online marketing techniques for good results. This is exactly what inbound marketing entails. Inbound marketing coordinates the different activities of other digital marketing strategies to give users a remarkable marketing experience.

    The main goal of this is to have a solid and flawless process of attracting new prospects, engage, gain their trust and earn their satisfaction. Firms who successfully create an inbound marketing strategy grow their customer base swiftly than companies running isolated marketing campaigns. All you need to do is ensure that all your digital marketing strategies are aligned to the same goal.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Currently, it is impossible to live in a world without Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Social media has dominated customers lives, and thus marketers approach to digital marketing. Remember, the goal of digital marketing is to connect with potential customers through their favourite channels easily. This is made possible, thanks to social media marketing.

    As the name suggests, this component entails marketing online through social networks with the aim of finding and engaging with potential customers. Currently, Facebook is the most widely used platform with more than 2 billion active users every month. The best place to start learning digital social media marketing is following Facebook Online courses.

    Once you conquer running social media strategies on Facebook, you can then proceed and enhance your digital marketing skills by learning about LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Choose and major on either depending on where your client base is hugely concentrated on, and look out for ways to automate such as with auto retweet tools.

  • Email Marketing
    Despite doubtful castigations, email marketing is still very alive and one of the effective ways of turning visitors into prospects into customers and returning customers. One thing about email marketing is that you should first identify your audience. Otherwise, most recipients will mark your emails as spam.

    Think of Email marketing a last piece in the digital marketing puzzle. Whereas other marketing components mentioned above concentrate on finding new clients, email marketing is focussed on closing deals and retaining clients. To win in this, first, identify which tool to use and learn the tips of using it.

Digital Marketing Analytics Tools

As at this stage, you should be well aware of what digital marketing basically entails. Keep in mind that your role isn’t just to learn how to run SEO and social media campaigns but know how to coordinate all processes to work towards the same goal.

To do this successfully, learn how to make use of various data analytics tools. Among the most essential include Google Search Console, SEMRUSH and Google Analytics. Data reporting tools such as Google Data Studio also come in handy.

Digital Marketing Learning Tips

Based on individuals, you might have noticed that learning how to be a digital marketer isn’t easy. Well, it certainly requires lots of reading and practising how various techniques work. You should as well learn how different techniques can be used together for maximum results.

To ease the entire process, follow the steps below:

  • Start by learning SEO.
  • Practice thoroughly. Digital marketing isn’t theoretical but more practical.
  • Get certified. Along your learning curve, try to achieve certification that can showcase your expertise.
  • Collaborate with experienced internet marketers. With experienced persons, you can learn a few tricks not available in any written source.
  • Build your own digital marketing blog. Running your own blog will enable you to put to practice what you have learned.


Learning about digital marketing is the most exciting, fast-paced and most challenging idea. The key thing is that you should never stop learning. As mentioned, digital marketing isn’t static, and it keeps changing with every advancing technology. Therefore, it is your work as an aspiring digital marketing expert to synch with the latest developments and remain informed.

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