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How Are Language Barriers Stopping Your Company From Reaching Out to New Customers?

For running a successful business overseas, the requirement bucket gets full with planning, drawing a road map, hiring manforce, and finally executing. However, some things are equally important like translation.

A company based in Italy wants to expand in Malaysia. The top management assigns work to the managers of respective fields. They came up with a plan that is most likely to work as the same strategies worked in their country. The company transferred its managers to Malaysia and waited for a year to see the results. Strangely, the strategy which worked for Italy wasn't working for Malaysia. An investigation took place to find the reason behind the same. The team ran market research and found that the people of Malaysia are not connecting with the business idea because of the language barrier. 

The businesses set up across borders have a common problem of language barrier which could get resolved by a hiring translation company. Traditionally, multinational companies used to hire individuals with no professional background to resolve their linguistic problems. The same turned out to be a temporary solution but opened doors for translation companies. Over the period, the translation business evolved and now there are some award-winning translation company(s) covering the globe with their multilingual professional team of translators. 

If you are still not convinced with the idea of hiring a translation company then go through the below-mentioned barriers that might be stopping your company from becoming a global hit.

  • Low Esteem: Whenever there is a question of understanding the language usually the confidence takes a sharp downturn if the language or tone is alien. 
  • Miss-judged metaphors: While discussing with the foreign clients it is often found that metaphors are not appropriately used. Sometimes the same becomes the reason for unsettling the deal. 
  • Harsh tone: The attempt of learning the language of a foreign country could impress the clients outside the conference room but inside the same could sound harsh and inappropriate. 
  • Unclear pitching: While communicating with foreign clients, the pitch needs to be perfect. Many times it is found that the pitch had failed due to the language constraint. 
  • Zero emotional connect: due to the language barrier, two companies from different countries with different languages can't develop emotional connect. Needless to say, without an emotional connection companies can't project for long-term ventures. 


Translation companies with good reputations have proven their worth. Most multinational companies get their work proofread by these translation companies. The professionals hired in this company understand the tone and use of metaphors in the speech. They extensively work with an object of client’s business development as these professionals have good business training. The team of experts undergoes a long process of understanding the project and then starts the translation. Because of their extensive experience, they understand the workflow of multinational companies. Even the startups aiming for global outreach can take help from these translation companies to accomplish their dreams. 

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