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Landing Page

A landing page or landing page is an example of the consumer’s shortest path to the goal of his search. The creation of such a page is a targeted marketing technique that allows you to direct traffic to a page that is fully relevant to the requests for which it is moving.

That is, the landing page is always a direct continuation of the advertising offer/snippet in the search results. This means that it allows you to increase conversion by initially offering visitors exactly what they need.

Landing page as it is

If we consider the landing page from the webmaster - technically it is no different from any other page on the site. On the landing page, there may be animated elements and any other modules that can increase its information content. But this is not necessary at all since in this case, we are talking about attracting targeted traffic.

The traditional purpose of the landing page is the motivation of the consumer to perform certain actions. That is why, in most cases, a form for filling/placing an order is placed here.

After all, attracting the target user audience, the site owner expects a response from her side - making a purchase, registering on the site, placing a subscription or order.

And the most important thing here is the principle of instant reaction. That is, getting to the landing page, the visitor should not be distracted from the main goal - only in this case there is a chance that the desired action will be performed "here and now."

And yet, you can’t go far only on the landing page. And the very concept of "landing page" in modern web design is quite blurry. Indeed, in one way or another, targeted traffic goes to the main page of the site (which can also be considered as “landing”), and to the page with contact information, and the product cards in the online store.

And yet, from a marketing point of view, the landing page has the characteristics that distinguish it from the general flow of information on the site.

Landing Page: Success Criteria

To create a landing page, you must:

  • Create a structured design
  • Create a relevant heading that fully meets user requests
  • Place a concise and concise information block at the top of the page (first paragraph of text)
  • Create a call to action - in text or another format, allowing you to focus the audience on the main thing, push it in the right direction
  • Create a short block of contact information (about the event, the possibilities, and conditions of placing an order, payment methods, etc.)
  • To simplify the way from getting to the page to performing the desired action to one click.

All landing pages are divided into information and sales. What is the difference? For the goals and objectives that are solved using the landing page.

The information landing page is not a commercial offer - it is created to form the most convenient information field for viewing, allowing the visitor to choose favor of this or that information.

Such pages are present on news sites and portals - the main traffic is directed to them, which allows presenting the possibilities of a web resource to the users in the most favorable perspective.

A sales landing page always has certain marketing objectives. In particular, it is an integral element:

  • Online stores (those same product cards, promotional pages or promotional offers)
  • Business sites offering services in a particular field
  • Single-page sites that are initially aimed at implementing a specific product/information offer.

A landing page is one of the effective sales tools that can significantly increase site conversion and sales performance. And refusing to use it is an unforgivable mistake, 123netflix, especially in the case of commercial sites.

A well-designed landing page is a sales generator that allows you to establish effective interaction with consumers, convey the necessary information to them, and propose a solution to the problem.

And its performance depends only on the effort spent in the development, the relevance of the commercial proposal and the relevance of user requests.

That is why today more and more attention is being paid to the development and implementation of landing pages, both from advertisers and webmasters and marketers.

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