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The Best Methods to Know Who Is Messaging You

Frequent messages and calls are very annoying and irritating. Innumerable text messages in a day fill up the space of message inbox and also disturb you with irritating notifications. Such text messages are difficult to identify as they use a shortcode. To identify the real sender, you need to look into the shortcode phone directory. The directory is a comprehensive list of phone numbers being used for text messaging.

A reverse number lookup database allows users to get information on text messages, unknown phone calls, and SMS short code messages from companies, mobile marketers, and scammers. The shortcode phone directory helps you to know “Who messaged you” or “Who called you”. The shortcode directory is very large, built by the users to provide an extensive number search. Thus, you can easily identify who called you. As a user, you can use the service for free. If you are unaware of the need of using such a shortcode directory, you can visit this site to identify the person who sent you message.

Benefits of shortcode directory

  • Identify fake messages - You may receive text messages from scammers, mobile marketers, and others that are pretending to be a valid company they are not. Hence, users receive fake messages. With the help of a directory, you can look up the number from which you have received the text and identify the real sender.
  • Identify scammers and report it - You have the option to include the companies legally in text message campaigns. You can make people aware of it, if a company is disturbing you and not following the regulations. You can make people publicly aware of the number and educate with a social media campaign.
  • Reporting frauds - Frauds are very common today in the marketplace. With a short code, fraudsters pretend to be a company and then trick you. Many innocent individuals fall prey to the scam and lose a lot of money. Hence, with the help of a reverse number lookup database, you can identify the real sender. As soon as you identify the real sender, you can take legal action against them by reporting fraud.
  • Identify who called you - Many people receive phone calls from unknown numbers in relation to new product sales, fake company calls, etc. With the use of the directory, you can verify who called you up.

With the rise in mobile marketing, many companies are using shortcode text messaging to stay in contact with customers. After the outbreak of the pandemic, more companies have opted for mobile marketing. Many customers are now filing complaints against the companies regarding frauds and scams.

The shortcode directory is growing day by day with millions of phone numbers. The directory has a complete list of 5 digit US shortcodes used by different companies to be in touch with people. If you are facing issues with premium-rate text messages, you can read the easy step guide on how to disable the premium rate SMS service. By using the shortcode directory services, you can put a full stop to receiving text messages from that number.

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