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Keyloggers: The Ideal Way to
Ensure Employee Productivity


There is no space for insufficient improvisation or poor decision-making as a business leader. You have to optimize all business aspects, including your employee's behaviors. It's never easy to detect any form of deviant behavior, and this is why you need resources such as keyloggers. 

Using keyloggers to ensure employee productivity is a common practice worldwide. However, not many businesses are aware of the benefits of such tools. Read this guide to get helpful information you can use to your business’ benefits. 

How Can Keyloggers Help Monitor Employees?

Employee monitoring statistics show that over 80% of companies use keyloggers. There are various ways keyloggers can help monitor employee behavior, including:

Monitor Their Calls and Messages 

Calls and messages are some of the most distracting sources of communication out there today. It can be a call or message from your parent, workmates, long-time friend, or anyone else. While such calls often feel good, they are also a leading contributor to increased employee productivity.

Keyloggers software can track your employee's calls and messages through a particular device. The device works in the background to collect this information and provides an easy-to-read and access interface.

The software can track call contacts, SMS content, timestamp data, and screenshots. However, the free versions of key loggers have limited functions, so you might have to opt for the paid types.


Check Their App Activity

Mobile applications are also equally distracting, especially games, social media apps, and more. These apps are easy to access through devices such as smartphones or workstations. The apps sometimes become addictive to use, which will cause a huge compromise to your team's productivity levels.

Keylogger software is also helpful for evaluating the app activity of your employees. It lets you learn more about when what, who, and why your employee uses a particular mobile application. Expect to access details such as the application data, screenshots, and time stamps.

You might also gain aggregated metrics such as graphs on when your employee uses apps over a specific period, such as a week. Such information is crucial in determining whether your team is on the right track.

Monitor Social Media 

Social media is one of the most popular online platforms today. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, people spend countless hours on these platforms, leading to deviant behavior. Any employee who spends countless hours on social media for your business is a huge compromise.

They are likely to misuse company resources such as internet connections and workstations to support their activity. And, it's also likely to cause a considerable compromise in the productivity levels of the given employee.

However, with keylogger software, you gain first-hand insight into the activities your staff engages in online. The software

Track GPS Locations for Employees Who Have a Mobile Role 

Mobile employees can take advantage of the lack of your presence to misuse company resources. Your business probably has mobile employees who use company resources such as motorbikes or vehicles. There is no easy way of tracking your employee's movement than with the help of employee monitoring software. It's a cheaper and more convenient alternative to using techniques such as GPS trackers.

The reason is that the keylogger software works in the background to detect any unusual movements. You can even set the software to raise alerts for when your employee goes out of a particular boundary zone. You can even customize the software to detect location-based content in messaging or calls.

The report you get from this process can help solve the employee tracking goals of your company. You will find it easier to account for the use of company resources such as cars or motorbikes.

Monitor Keystrokes to Ensure No Leakage of Confidential Information 

The leaking of confidential information is one of the most common business problems today. Your competitors or malicious staff members can easily leak crucial business information. And, there is no way you can track such a leakage, especially if you have a large team or scope of operations.


With keylogger software, escaping such issues is a simple process. You can also use keyloggers as security measures to ensure no one leaks confidential business information. The reason is that the keylogger tracks each search query or typed content that a particular device shares.

Some advanced keyloggers let you input specific phrases, which should raise red flags as part of your company's security measures. You can also set the apps to help you identify people whose communications seem suspicious. The audit report you get from this process will help you take organizational security to the next level.


You have to be careful in your approach to creating a productive and modern work environment for your team. You also have to consider the pros and cons of employee monitoring because it's a relatively new field of business management. Websites like offer vast insights on the use of keyloggers and how they work, so you can make a wise decision for your business’ needs.

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