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Is Managed Hosting Worth it?

Your website’s efficient running plays a key role in the success of your business. And if you do not have the technical knowledge or the time to deal with the various issues related to running the website, you need professional help. And this is available through the managed hosting services provided by web hosting companies at an extra cost. Let us look at the benefits of buying managed WordPress hosting plans and whether they are worth the price charged.

What is Managed Hosting?

Hosting plans can vary from simply providing the resources to host your website to plans with special features that take the burden of security, performance, and maintenance off your shoulders. Managed hosting plans are the ones that take full charge of hosting, running, and maintaining your website, allowing you to focus on other aspects of running your business. And when these plans are tailored to meet the requirements of a WordPress website, they are called managed WordPress hosting plans. Hosting companies offer to manage your website in two ways:

  • At the server level - Most of the hosting plans fall under this category with the hosting service provider offering basic security and other features.

  • At the application level - These managed hosting services take care of all aspects of running your website including taking regular backups, server-level caching, core WordPress updates, website migrations, and even malware scanning.

Why Go for Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is highly suitable for you if you do not have the necessary expertise to deal with the various issues related to running and managing a website. You can also choose this hosting option if you intend to focus on growing and running your business rather than managing the website. Some benefits of choosing managed hosting plans are:

  • Optimisation of Resources - The hosting provider takes care of all your needs and optimizes them to suit the WordPress requirements. It even ensures that WordPress and its plugins are automatically installed. This ensures the smooth running of your website.
  • Better Security - The hosting company can put in special tools to prevent malicious access or phishing attacks. It will also ensure that the WordPress version being used for your website is the latest thereby enhancing the security level.
  • CDN - Most managed hosting plans include CDN or Content Delivery Network which ensures that your website pages are loaded from the server that is geographically closest to a visitor. The CDN speeds up the loading times and boosts the popularity of your site.
  • Faster and Timely backups - They make the backup procedure faster and more efficient thereby ensuring that you can easily restore your website content in case of a problem.
  • Server-level Caching - Your hosting service provider offers server-level caching leading to faster loading times of your web pages.
  • Staging Environments - Managed hosting plans include access to staging environments that are quite useful for testing out new plugins and themes or modifying the code before implementing them on the live site.
  • Finely Tuned Dashboards - Managed hosting dashboards provide you with usage and performance metrics 

To conclude, managed WordPress hosting plans are worth the enhanced security that comes with them. It also ensures faster loading times and better management of your website allowing you to focus on growing the business.

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