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How to Transfer iPhone Files to Your PC
Without Using iTunes

This article will explain to you how to transfer iPhone files to your Windows PC or Mac without using iTunes. To do so, we’ll be using one of the best iTunes alternative software DearMob iPhone Manager.

transfer files

Why Do We Need to Transfer Media Files from iPhone to PC?

If you have an iPhone, you must be facing this problem which is very common for almost all the iPhone users. That is, while you have your favorite audio or video file on your iPhone, sometimes you may just lose it as iTunes doesn’t allow any other media to be in your iPhone which is not purchased from iTunes or directly associated with iTunes.

It’s really a mess and such a partial process is not at all expected from a brand like iTunes. Apart from that, iTunes is not at all user-friendly, in the sense, it is very strict and partial to its own products and its partner products. And that is the reason, here we have come up with the easiest solutions where you can easily transfer and backup your iPhone media files and store it on your PC for future use using the best user-friendly DearMob iPhone manager.

How DearMob iPhone Manager Will Help You Manage All Your Files?

DearMob allows you to manage all your media files on your iPhone or iPad from the PC you are using, either Windows or Mac. It serves the purposes of iTunes and produces much better output than the iTunes does; Thus it is known to be the best iTunes alternative software. It is the first iPhone manager that helps you to transfer the data of iPhone and iPad to your Mac or Windows PC and also from your PC along with U.S. Military Grade Encryption.

Automatic File Conversion

Being an iTunes alternative, DearMob offers automatic conversion of files, images, videos, etc. and makes it a lot easier for the users than iTunes does it. The software converts the uploaded files to the most suitable file formats and then uploads it one by one in a batch-wise manner.

Backup, Restore & Data Encryption

DearMob comes with a great feature where you can backupand restorefeatures for iOS data. It also has a great quality where the built-in data encryption gives you the facility where you can password protect your photos, videos and contacts on your iPhone. It is fastand totally safe.

You can also automatically encrypt files which you want to take off from your iPhone and place it to your Mac or Windows PC. It is very easy to useand flexible and offers a robust architecture. The dearMob is integrated with a developed iPhone photo manager that allows transferring photos between iPhone and PC both in batch and as well as selected.

transfer files

Why Should You Choose DearMob iPhone Manager?

Yes it is your absolute right to know why you should choose DearMob iPhone manager when there are many more iPhone managers available out there. You should use DearMob first because it is the best iPhone manager.

Wait, we have the points to prove why we call it the best. It is the most feature-rich iPhone managing software that you will ever use. Check out the points below that will tell you why you should choose it

  • For your photos, you can sync, load and preview them between PC or Mac in a jiffy. Yes, you can transfer iPhone photos to PC easily by using DearMob.
  • You can add non-iTunes music and also unsupported videos to your iPhone.
  • You can backup music without data loss
  • You can transfer videos up to 4k resolution on Mac as well as your computer
  • You can backupyour entire iPhone without any restriction of storage limit like iCloud
  • It offers password protection
  • You can manage your contacts using your PC and also sync and merge the duplicate contacts.
  • You can also add ringtones without the interference of iTunes

There are even more facilities that you can ever imagine which will make you want to choose DearMob iPhone manager over any other manager.

Here is the YouTube guide on how to backup and manage iPhone with DearMob:

In conclusion, DearMob iPhone Manager is available free for a year where you get free updates on 1PC. It also offers you a free trial.

It is the best iPhone manager you will ever use. It comes with tons of features and facilities that you will ever know about and it is very easy to use, manage, operate and understand. This app is incredibly designed and is far better than iTunes because of its productivity and functionality.

The app is phenomenal and is lightweight; super smooth to run. We highly recommend you to choose this application if you're tired of using iTunes. We hope the above information has helped you to understand and know about DearMob iPhone manager so without wasting time switch to it and thank us later.

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