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IO Scout Review

IO Scout is a software solution designed to assist Amazon sellers in reaching their highest goals and running a successful selling business on the most prominent online selling platform worldwide. This comprehensive set of tools will enhance any seller's potential, whether you're a real pro or you're just about to start your business from scratch. IO Scout is a compatible solution for all Retailers, Wholesale sellers, Private Label owners, Arbitrage, and even for Dropshipping.

IO Scout Review

More than 45,000 Amazon sellers enjoy the perks of IO Scout features such as Product Research Tool, Listing Builder, Inventory Management, Keyword Scout, and Sales Analytics. IO Scout also offers FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator, and BSR Estimator, which are entirely free for use to anyone on their web platform. 

This solution is quite popular thanks to its high data accuracy and affordable price. With IO Scout, you will be able to make strategic decisions that will ultimately level up your business and help you gain more profit from your sales. 

IO Scout Pricing

There are few offered tools for free, but if you want to maximize your selling potential to the fullest, you should go with the subscription to gain access to all features offered by IO Scout. You can choose one of three pricing plans when you're subscribing to IO Scout:

  • Startup plan
  • Seller plan
  • Business plan.

IO Scout offers an annual and monthly subscription. If you choose a monthly subscription, you will get a 25% discount, while the yearly subscription has a 60% discount. 

With a 60% premium discount on an annual subscription, sellers have to pay:

  • Startup plan costs $22.50 per month
  • Seller plan costs $32.50 per month
  • Business plan costs $42.50 monthly.

No matter what package you choose, with subscription IO Scout will give you access to:

  • Unlimited number of researches
  • 200 million product database
  • Unlimited historical data
  • Keyword Scout feature
  • FBA Calculator
  • Product Finder and Tracker
  • Listing Builder tool
  • Keyword Scout feature
  • Sales Estimator tool
  • Sales Analytics feature
  • IO Scout training materials for sellers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Inventory Management Tool.

The Startup plan covers:

  • 25 items that you can track with Product Tracker feature
  • 25 keywords in Keyword Tracker.

The Seller package includes:

  • 45 items that you can follow with Product Tracker tool
  • 45 keywords in Keyword Tracker feature
  • IO Scout Google Chrome Extension.

The Business subscription plan covers:

  • 85 products that you can follow with Product Tracker feature
  • 85 keywords in Keyword Tracker tool
  • IO Scout Google Chrome Extension.
IO Scout Review

IO Scout Features

IO Scout FBA Calculator

FBA Calculator is definitely one of the essential tools for Amazon sellers who choose Amazon FBA as their fulfillment method. Sellers can instantly calculate all Amazon fees related to this fulfillment method so they can have an insight into their potential profit, strategically choose profitable products, and prepare their budget for fulfillment.

This feature is available to anyone on IO Scout's website and within the IO Scout app. With IO Scout FBA Calculator, you don't have to switch between several Excel sheets, web pages, and Amazon website to calculate Net Profit, Net Margin, and Amazon FBA fees. Everything is instantly accessible in one spot. 

According to the product's ASIN, IO Scout FBA Calculator will automatically generate the product weight, dimensions, and the category, showing you exactly how much all fees will cost you. 

IO Scout Sales Estimator

This feature is also entirely free and available to anyone on the IO Scout website. With the sales estimator, you will be able to estimate the number of sales for a specific BSR within a particular category, track your rivals, and gauge how many purchases are required to get to a specific BSR. 

To determine the number of sales based on the product BSR, go to the sales estimator, type the BSR, and pick the category. For example, you want to check up on your competition and track how many sales they are making, all you need to do is enter the BSR, choose the category and click on the ''Calculate'' button. 

Sales Estimator is available on the IO Scout web application, and IO Scout Google Chrome Extension. Every product will reveal its monthly sales volume, and you will be able to decide whether a particular product is in demand or not instantly. 

IO Scout Review

IO Scout Product Finder

The Product Finder is a product research tool that includes more than 200 million Amazon items, and it's updated daily to provide the most accurate data to its users. 

With multiple customizing filters, you will be able to track the best items to start selling on Amazon, that completely fits your desired criteria. 

IO Scout Product Finder will give access to detailed information about your chosen product, such as:

  • Items name, ASIN, category, and price
  • BSR
  • Product's rating and number of reviews
  • Estimated volume of monthly sales 
  • Delivery type
  • Net and fees related to the FBA fulfillment method.
IO Scout Review

IO Scout Product Tracker

With this feature, you will be able to locate all of your product ideas in one place, by simply adding them to bookmarks.

You will gain insight into comprehensive information on fluctuations in items rank, reviews, and price over time, displaid with intuitive graphs. This feature helps sellers to come up with competitive product price strategies. 

Also, you have the opportunity to search for excellent product suppliers from platforms such as Aliexpress and Alibaba, right from the product details in the Tracker. 

IO Scout Google Chrome Extension

One of the favorite features is the Chrome Extension because sellers have instant access to all product data directly on Amazon pages.

IO Scout Keyword Scout

With this feature, you will gain insight into the most critical data about keywords. You will be able to find keywords that are high in demand and recognize opportunities to get to the top of search results.

All keywords can be saved and used later when you're building your listings. When you bookmark a particular keyword, you will gain access to keyword search volume over the last 12 months. That way, you can discover which products have seasonal trends. Also, every keyword holds the data on the precise and broad search volume, CPC, and competition.

IO Scout Listing Builder

The Listing Builder tool will help you optimize your listings and stand out among the countless competition. 

IO Scout Sales Analytics

This feature will be added to the IO Scout toolset in June 2020, and it will help sellers track and organize all Amazon sales data in real-time. 

IO Scout Review

IO Scout Inventory Management

This is another feature that will be added in June 2020, and it will assist sellers in checking the real-time state of Amazon FBA inventory.

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