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The Type of Internet Connection that
You have to Discover

In this day and age when the slow internet speed is infuriating, you are bound to end up in a conversation where the type of internet that you have is mentioned. So what type of internet connection do you currently have? Is there a way to actually improve upon the connection that you have? 

Have you heard about the gigabit internet connection as yet? If you have, you are probably contemplating whether you actually need a gigabit internet connection. So we are here to guide your decision-making process.

To Gigabit or Not to Gigabit?

The United Kingdom born playwright, William Shakespeare, stated in an opening scene of one of his famous plays, “To be or not to be?”Now you are stuck asking yourself the same question. Would you like to be like all those UK homeowners who have made the shift towards gigabit internet?

  1. Understanding gigabit: Before you are swayed in all directions, remember gigabit internet is simply an internet option that allows the fastest download speed. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, if it was as easy as simply upgrading to a faster download speed, everyone would be having it already.
  1. The Catch: For you to upgrade to gigabit internet, you have to have pure fibre optic cables connecting the internet to your home. For that to happen, you do need to ensure that your internet is the FTTP type. FTTP stands for Fibre to the premises, meaning the fibre optic cables connect the internet directly to your home. So is your only chance of getting gigabit internet, an upgrade to FTTP?
  1. Cable gigabit: Luckily, broadband connections from certain companies make it possible for you to get gigabit internet via cables. This sounds more desirable; however, you must remember the cable option means reduced download and upload speed. 
  1. Perks of gigabit: You may still be hesitant and you are deciding if gigabit is the way forward. Well, it surely could be if you enjoy live streaming. For people who live stream, a slower internet download speed can be frustrating. It would also be a beneficial route to take if you are either working from home permanently or you are a gamer. You must remember the bulk of your work or game stress could very well come from a slower internet connection, so save yourself unnecessary stress and heartache. 
  1. Storage options: If you tend to use storage based platforms like Dropbox, storage can become a dream come true with gigabit. Gigabit makes storing files and data quick and easy. 
  1. Disadvantages: There is possibly no use in going down the gigabit route when your home internet connection is generally problematic. There is no need to push a powerful internet speed if your home is not well adapted to cater for this speed.
  1. Technology matters: You need to be equipped with the latest technological gadgets should you want to secure the best possible internet speed. Older devices don’t really do well with gigabit internet.
  1. Get wired: The last thing you need to make sure of when you decide to get gigabit internet is that your connection is a wired one. Gigabit internet does not work well if your home is running on a wireless connection.

Remember the decision on whether to gigabit or not to gigabit is solely in your hands. Consider the advantages of a faster speed with the connection type and the gadgets that you already have. Also, decide upon why you actually use the internet in the first place and see if you really need faster internet before you commit.

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