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Intel Core i5 6500 vs FX 8350

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Intel and AMD have always been allies since the beginning. Every product of them automatically is compared as to which one made it to the best this time. We can not say surely which one is the best until there is sufficient research and examination. Intel Core i5 6500 and FX 8350 are another duo in comparison. The Intel Core i5-6500 is a good quad-core processor for gaming whereas the FX 8350 is not that good for gaming. Both of the CPU are better in their own place. However, they have individual features, individual compatibility. For instance, the i5 6500 motherboard can not be compatible with the other one as the features are totally different. Here is a short overview of both i5 6500 and fx 8350.

Intel Core i5 6500

The Intel Core i5 6500 is a Quad core processor with 4 threads. With 3.2 GHz clock speed and 3.6 GHz Turbo clock speed, it manages to keep up with a fast and powerful gaming performance. It has a total 65W of TDP and integrated HD Graphics 530 with 64GB of Max video memory. Also, it supports LGA 1151 socket. It can be overclocked but doesn’t support hyperthreading. However, it offers a great deal of options with powerful outputs. It supports both 4K resolution and 1440p. Moreover, it provides both DDR4 and DDR3 memory types with 64GB of maximum memory space. The manual overclocking speed is 3.77 GHz. The Performance per watt of i5 6500 is 3.9 pt/W and normal power consumption is 52.81 W.

AMD FX 8350

AMD FX 8350 is a 8/8 core/threads processor with 4 GHz clock speed. Its Turbo clock speed is 4.2 GHz. The TDP of this CPU is 125W. This one is not good for gaming because of its single core performance. Because single core performance with 8 cores is totally slow. As a result, it gives a slow performance. It has no integrated graphics and supports am3+ socket. It neither supports 4k resolution nor 1080p gaming. It only supports DDR3-2400 and the maximum bandwidth is 29,866.66 MB/s. The overclocking speed is 4.69 GHz. The Performance per watt of the fx 8350 is 5.72 pt/W and normal power consumption is 159.66 W. The FX 8350 is based on single core performance that too with piledriver architecture that makes the processor really a slow one. For that reason, this processor has a bad reputation for being sluggish.

Neither i5 6500 nor fx 8350 is a bad processor. It just needs the perfect compatible system and better environment to make one of these perfect. However, in terms of comparison The Core i5 6500 is much better than fx 8350.

The processor is the core of any PC system. The performance, stability, and compatibility mostly depend on this component. Hence getting the best one matters the most. As there are numerous CPUs out there in the market, it is normal to have a comparison. One just needs to choose the one that suits him the best.

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