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Cut Costs with AI-Powered
Insurance Card Scan and Capture

Implemented properly, AI-enabled workflow could automate over 50% of the manual tasks in medicine. Automation would bring down administrative costs in the US healthcare system, which currently accounts for 25% of healthcare expenditures. The manual system used now costs the system $850 billion each year due to errors and inefficiency. Why not switch to AI insurance capture? 

How does AI-powered insurance card scan and capture work? The 3 step process takes under 20 seconds, saving practices 3-5 minutes per patient. First, the software captures an image of the insurance card. It compares the information on the card with an insurance database, verifying the information on it. This allows coverage to be confirmed in real time at point of service. Next, it identifies copayments and deductibles. 

Finally, it comes up with real-time price estimates, eliminating the cost mystery from the healthcare system. Providers save time and administrative costs, and patients get peace of mind.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation

Source: OrbitHC

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