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Instagram or Twitter, Which is
Better for Marketing?

In this social media age, if you had to choose a marketing platform between Twitter or Instagram, which one would you?

Certainly, both the platforms are famous amongst the global population and both have their own pros and cons.

Although, both of them coincide with each other on a lot of terms. There are plenty of facts such as both the platforms share a similar portrait of typical users, in terms of age group, and other factors. Both the social media applications appeal the most to the teen and slightly above in age, audience. The same for the ranking systems since on both platforms it is based on followers and engagement such as likes, views, repost. Also, the services where you can buy followers and boost the engagement are popular in the same way for both names.

But still, the question stands as it is. Which is the better marketing platform for you and your business?

Before you start the campaign

Actually, it’s difficult to answer a question like which one is the best for some goals and purposes which are not particularly set. But still, the most obvious reply by a marketer or an expert would be that it’s difficult to choose one out of the two. Both of them have their own grounds and we can’t actually pick one.

Pros of Instagram

Instagram is famous for its graphics, while Twitter is full of blogs, links, and discussions. While Instagram deals mostly with photos and videos, Twitter has content in every form. Although, the former has started expanding its boundaries, and every now and then, we see some new features pop up. Here we are talking about reels, guides, IGTV videos which you surely must not miss if you aim for winning new followers.

If we talk about Instagram, some sources say that it has more engagement than Twitter. It’s understandable since the former deals mostly with photos of daily situations that appear very familiar and appealing to the eye. There’s nothing more to do but to scroll down the feed while killing time in a cozy company of celebs, famous faces, cute animals, and stunning shots of different places in the world. An environment likes that quietly makes a viewer a perfect consumer for content, ideas, and finally the promoted products as a result thereof.

The particular type of content the platform is based on and also the app’s simplicity are the basic reasons why artists, influencers, and actors found a new motherland for their story on Instagram. Over the past few years, Instagram has evolved a lot and it has also successfully managed to grow its user base. Instagram has more than 350 million users active, on a monthly basis. Not saying about boosting schemes such as Krootez services which help influencers to build up their crowd quickly.

These stats easily explain the enormous number of Instagram followers and likes top influencers have, the same for huge sums companies pay them to appear on their posts. This also reveals the reason why the list of agencies and growth companies you can build up your likes and followers with doesn’t exceed even a dozen of pages on Google.

Twitter falls short of that mark of active users. But when it comes to sharing a post, Twitter proves to be handier, than Instagram.

A vote for Twitter

On the other hand, Twitter is considered best for discussions. You will find users retweeting each other’s stuff and also commenting a lot under tweets. Every day, you get to see which topic is trending on Twitter and you will see millions of people talking about the same. Sometimes, things get cluttered and people even argue with each other. Although, the platform is used by a lot of professionals.

In contrast to IG, nothing can stop you from sharing links in your message on Twitter, while you can’t do the same in the caption of your photo. Even for stories, you must score at least 10,000 followers before you can direct your followers to some outside web spot. The only possible essential way to do so is to put the link in your Instagram bio.

While this can be annoying for those who do not wish to open somebody’s profile again and again, that’s the way it is. However, on Twitter, you have the option of attaching links, in the tweet itself. Although, sometimes the platform can get very cluttery and in that situation, you might have to look forward to other situations. And due to walls getting messy, it’s also possible that your content doesn’t perform well.

Twitter is best known for discussing the most recent news and shouting out your personal opinion about the latest trends to many. It may turn into a marketeer’s magic wand if you find a way to mix up some viral trend with your product’s features.

Instagram on the other hand is much more organized and you can set up a customized wall with the graphics that you like.

The basics of both

Hashtags on both platforms work well and they can get you a lot of exposure. Most people gain more Instagram likes using researched hashtags on Instagram. And on Twitter also, people reach out to their targeted audience through them.

If you are building your own portfolio and want to keep your content organized in a systemic way, then Instagram is the right place for you. On Twitter though, you can see what customers are saying about your brand and products.

Frequently, people reach out to brands and their heads, through Twitter. And that has actually proven to be a blessing for many people. Many users have found that useful and because brands have to maintain their image in front of their audiences, they are quick with the responses and solutions.

Wrapping up

We can conclude that instead of choosing one social media application out of the two, a user can benefit by using both of them. Nowadays, cross-posting is used a lot, and sharing content across both platforms can get you a lot of traffic if combined.

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