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7 Instagram Hacks You Should Definitely Try


Instagram has been around for longer than most of us can recall. But that does not mean all its secrets are public knowledge. However, connoisseurs of the platform will agree that there are several tips and tricks that every Instagram user should know.

In this article, we are going to discuss seven Instagram hacks you need to try the next time you open the app. Do not worry and do not be over excited. You are not going to learn how to actually “hack” the platform. But given below are a few features that are not so commonly known. Let us dive in.

1. Unfollow someone without unfollowing them

We all have a few people on our profile we wish we could unfollow but unfortunately, that might land you in their hell. Not to worry. If you wish to stop seeing posts and stories from someone in your feed, here is a nifty little trick.

Go to their profile, tap the “Following” button, and you will see a “Mute” option. This “Mute” button does exactly what it says and once you click it, ta-da! No more nasty cockroach videos from your entomologist cousin (that’s study of insects. Creepy!).

With time though, Instagram has evolved. Now you can also mute someone by long-pressing on their stories in the “Stories” tray on the top of your feed. You can even buy instagram followers from some of the best trusted sites available. 

2. See what you have liked

If someone is stalking your phone, you probably need to run away from them. But if that is not an option, you can always see a list of posts you have liked and unlike them to save your behind. Go to your profile, tap the hamburger menu, and open settings. Under “Account” settings, you will see the “Posts you’ve liked” listing under which you can see every single post you have ever liked. This is pretty useful for when you want to feel embarrassed as well.

3. Quickly switch between accounts

The long press on the accounts button in the navigation tray feels outdated and a sluggish way of achieving a meagre task. If you have multiple accounts, you know what I am talking about.

However, you can significantly reduce this delay by double tapping on your profile picture that appears in the navigation bar on the bottom right corner. The Instagram app will automatically switch to the next account on the list. With that few seconds saved, perhaps you will complete an errand you have been putting off since forever.

4. Use the font of your choice

I have absolutely no idea why Instagram provides such boring and limited options while choosing a font for your stories. Luckily, there are various hacks around this issue. The easiest of those is to use an online font tool.

Note that there are a plethora of keyboards on the Google Play Store that claim to provide the option of custom fonts while typing. However, most of these are just spyware which monitor all your words and typing. Stay away from these.

Visit this page, type your message, and choose a font. Then, you can copy-paste it into your stories for a unique experience.

5. Multi-colored text

You can choose to color only a portion of what you have typed in your stories. Doing this is easier than you think.

Once you have typed whatever you need to type, select that portion of the text which you want to change the color of. It can be anything from a character to a whole paragraph. Now, without deselecting that portion, select your desired color and voilà! Only the selected portion will change color.

You can even utilize this to create a rainbow-like effect in your text and impress your followers.

6. You can add line breaks to your bio and captions

Even though the text-field looks like it does not support line breaks while you type captions or your bio but hitting the enter key will automatically insert a line break instead of doing something entirely unexpected. This is useful for when you want your bio to appear clean and professional.

7. Find relevant hashtags without a third-party tool

If you search for a hashtag on Instagram, the app will take you to a page that displays the top or recent posts that carry your queried tag. However, above the “Top” and “Recent” buttons on that page, you will also find a list of related hashtags. 

Scrolling through this list (it scrolls horizontally), you can quickly find hashtags that are related to the one you are browsing and have also received maximum engagement recently. Thus, you do not need a third-party tool, paid or otherwise, to find famous hashtags.


These are some easy to miss and easy to use tips and tricks for Instagram that all users must know and utilize. If there are some which we have missed, leave them in the comments box below.

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