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Instagram Follower Statistics:
Elevate Your Marketing Game

Whether private individual or company: With Instagram statistics, you can optimize your own profile in a targeted manner.

Whether followers, interaction, reach, filters or hashtags - these are the best analysis tools for Instagram.

Why Instagram Statistics Matters?

For companies and brands, the advantage of Instagram statistics is obvious: With relevant data, the best posts can be identified, user behavior can be analyzed, and the growth of the channel can be monitored, and people will never know that you buy Instagram followers.

This is particularly relevant for advertisements, because as many clicks as possible should be achieved here. Knowing what content resonates best and what time the most followers are active allows the marketing team to design and plan posts accordingly. This is extremely important, since millions of people could be reached on Instagram.

Social analytics are also of great value for influencers. In addition to the interaction on their posts, the number of followers is particularly important for cooperation partners. With statistics, you can find out which posts have particularly increased the number of subscribers, what makes the community tick and what drives the competition on the platform.

Finally, Instagram stats are also beneficial for people who only consider Instagram as a hobby but still want to put a lot of time into their content and increase their subscriber count.

How online and social media marketing is measured

Key performance indicators - in short: KPIs - reveal whether your own marketing goals have already been achieved or missed. These are criteria against which the success of various marketing measures is measured in numbers and data. Other than Instagram, some people even buy Facebook likes because after all, Facebook is the king of social media.

Although millions of people could possibly be reached, classic advertising such as advertisements, billboards and television spots can only be measured to a limited extent. Online marketing provides a lot more information: the number of clicks on an online ad and the conversion rate - i.e. how many of the website visitors became customers - are just a few examples.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram provide many more numbers. Since every user has their own profile and their behavior is stored on the social media platform, millions of data are collected. This creates extensive statistics that companies can use for their marketing goals.

This information is relevant to Instagram

There are some KPIs on Instagram that companies, influencers and of course private individuals should keep in mind:

For the channel

  • Instagram Account Growth: This is about the number of subscribers you have and how it is changing by week, month or year. Is the number continuously increasing, are there strong fluctuations or is the number of followers falling because too many are unfollowing on Instagram?
  • Hashtags used: Regardless of whether you create your own hashtag for your brand or use popular tags – the statistics reveal whether Instagram users find your content via the hashtags or use your brand hashtag.

For the content (videos, photos and stories)

  • Impressions: The number of impressions reveals how many times your contribution – regardless of whether it is a post or a story – has been viewed. This includes subscribers and Instagram users who are not yet following you. Even if a user has already seen the post, a new impression is added when they look at it again. This is also the main difference to the range.
  • Reach: This number tells you how many people your post reached, minus the impressions that came from the same user.
  • Interaction: The so-called engagement rate measures how much or how little users interact with your content, i.e. give likes, write comments and share the post. The more engagement your posts get, the more successful they are. This statistic is a good indicator of which photos, hashtags, and captions are best for you to use in the future. Some people even buy Instagram Likes to improve their engagement rate.

For ads and promotions

  • CTR: When you run Instagram ads, you can link them to your website. The click-through rate reveals how many users actually visited your website in relation to the total number of all impressions.
  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is one of the most important parameters in marketing. It shows what percentage of all people who saw your ad became customers. Even millions of impressions aren't worth much if, in the end, nobody buys your product.

Profile Analysis with Instagram Insights

Instagram has its own analytics tool that you can use to take a look at your account's most important data. However, this feature is only available for business accounts. Instagram statistics can be accessed for both the account itself and the individual posts.

A lot of information is available for analyzing your account: You can see whether men or women follow your account, where they come from and what time they are active. Of course, the number of new subscribers is also displayed.

You will also receive interesting statistics about your posts: In addition to impressions, interaction and reach, you can see what your top posts are and how often your profile has been viewed.

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