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5 Innovative Marketing Techniques
That Can Be Used in 2021

The needs and demands of the customers are the linchpins of any business marketing. To achieve sustainable competitive advantages and breakthrough in the marketing realm, innovative marketing techniques are inevitably called for. Into the bargain, five innovative marketing techniques that can be used in 2021 are briefed below:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Techgrabyte has underlined that AI is the biggest commercial opportunity for marketing and will increase the GDP by up to 30% globally by 2030. It is an innovative marketing approach as it will enable businesses to gain sustainable competitive advantages, allow ventures into new businesses, and reduce costs. AI can use data collected from social media sites to analyze customer behavior and understand how products and services are accessed by the customers which are an innovative marketing approach for 2021.


Chatbots is an innovative marketing technique for 2021. This technique enables real-time chat with customers 24/7 through instant messaging. Chatbots can keep up with the trends, improve customer services, reduce costs, increase the engagement of customers, monitor the data of customers gain, and Gaining Insights. Surveys have registered that 64% of 24 hours services and 55% each for instant responses to inquiries and answers to simple questions are provided through Chatbots.


Personalization of marketing content, services, and products among others is another innovative marketing technique that can give the spotlight on that particular marketing. Research has shown that 90% of customers find personalization to be more appealing. Personalized emails, as used by the Easyjet, use the travel history of its customers which helps in suggesting the next destination.

Influencer Marketing

Famous and influential people such as celebrities can be used as models for the amplification of marketing on social platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Influencer Marketing comes across as more authentic to the customers than most corporate advertisements. It is an innovative marketing technique as it can grab the attention and interests of customers. It has been found that 63% of the customers trust products and services that are marketed by influencers and about 58% of customers purchase products based on the recommendation by the influencers.

Social Messaging apps

Social media has become part of our everyday life and it is of no surprise that social messaging apps can be used as an innovative marketing approach in 2021 given the popularity and convenience. Social messaging apps enable businesses to send messages directly to customers and allow personalization whilst adding more value to user experiences. Social messaging apps help in boosting sales, harness better contact with the customers, provide support and assistance, deliver information to the customers, and help in regaining potential customers.


2021 has been witnessing the detonation of ideas and innovations in the marketing sphere. The business world is one competitive field and thus, more innovative and creative a business is, more customers would be attracted to it and consequently, the business marketing would skyrocket and so innovative marketing techniques are indispensable.

About the author: Jolie Andre

I enjoy writing on various niches like business, travel, game news and issues related to women. Gaming and technology has been playing an important role in my life to keep myself rejuvenated during lockdowns.

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