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The Influence of Keywords in SEO

When a business wants to grow and expand on an online platform, they need to adapt to certain modern strategies to cope with it. And when you speak about implementing different modern marketing tactics, SEO deserves to be mentioned. 

Strategies that improve the traction and traffic of a webpage comes under SEO or search engine optimization. There are several facets to SEO. And one of the most critical among them is the tactical use of keywords. 

Yes, this is true. These keywords might seem a small part of the entire SEO process, but they have a pivotal role to play. Optimal use of these words is essential as they directly affect your ranking on the SERP, which is linked to your sales and overall business performance. 

Brisbane SEO agencies specialize in helping businesses ensure that their content is framed in a format that caters to the audience's needs and the search engine. Following sub-heads will help you know more about these keywords and their vital role in the whole SEO process. 

Keywords explained

Keywords refer to those crucial words put into a search bar by individuals when trying to generate answers related to their queries. Individuals or businesses often try to incorporate such keywords into their content prudently so that their website appears on top of the search engine results page. 

For example, a website that deals with baking may realize that an essential keyword in their field is "easy recipes". By using these words strategically, a business can generate more traffic on its web pages. Therefore adequately researching which keywords people are more likely to search for can help create more compelling content. 

Keyword discovery

Most businesses making a webpage will already have a rough idea of which keywords they want to use. These words will intuitively be those that are related to the services or products one offers. 

For example, an online garments store will typically imagine that keywords like "stylish clothes", "fashionable dresses", “floral prints”, etc. are often searched and used. But initial ideas should be treated as seed keywords, as finding out more about them is essential.

This can be done using an advanced keyword research tool that would indicate similar keywords' average search volume. 

This process might seem burdensome and can be exhaustive as well. Hence hiring an SEO agency or an expert who is well aware of all SEO processes is advisable. 

Brisbane SEO agencies and others can help businesses in this regard. To know more, visit

Search Volume

A keyword research tool can help tell an individual or a business the number of times or how often a specific keyword is used. 

Generally, suppose the search volume for a specific keyword is high. In that case, it is usually more challenging for new or small businesses to get a high ranking for that particular word. 

Hence it is strategic for websites to start by targeting those keywords which are more specific and have fewer competitors on a search engine results page. If you want to know more about keyword research, click here.

Long-Tail Keywords 

Targeting those keywords which have the maximum search volume can have another disadvantage. 

Overused or the ones who have tough competitions can draw those who are not severe about availing of the service or product you offer to your webpage. This might increase the traffic amount on your webpage, but in reliability, it is of no use. 

On the other hand, targeting specific keywords that are long and less popular can lead to more genuine consumers and generate a higher conversion rate for a business. 

For example, if a website targets the keywords "cheap bags", they may have more people who are visiting their website just for browsing. However, if the targeted keyword is long-tailed, like "bags under 20 dollars with handles", they find people who are willing to buy it on their website. 

Research has shown that 69.7% of all search queries are four words or more. This illustrates how long-tail keywords can be more effective than having popular short ones. 

Though adding long-tail keywords might be listed as an exhaustive process, it is worth it from all aspects. It doesn’t draw random traffic to your website; instead draws more prone ones who are actually willing to be your ultimate customers.

Keywords Based SEO OR PPC: Which One Should You Choose?

PPC stands for pay per click. This is also a kind of marketing strategy which helps you improve your SERP ranking. 

PPC can bring you faster results in comparison to Keywords based SEO. But to find what works more appropriately, you can run a PPC campaign in order to test which keywords convert better. After doing so, you can then try SEO to rank those keywords.

It is advised to use PPC when you have a high converting product. At the same time, usage of SEO is suitable for those having a limited budget to spend on advertising.

It is a fact that SEO takes time to show effective results. However, they are much longer-lasting. While with PPC, when you stop paying for clicks, traffic will also stop. This might consume some additional amount of your capital. 

Though PPC shows much faster results in comparison to SEO, it is not really advisable to opt for this process. As it consumes a more significant amount of funds in comparison to SEO, it is not very suitable for the long-run function.


By figuring out which keywords are relevant to your business and their corresponding search volume, a company can strategically generate more traffic. 

The kind of traffic that visits a website is also essential. Individuals with long-tail keywords and specific queries are more likely to be customers of the business than just visitors to a website.

From the above key pointer, we have even seen that PPC is also a great marketing strategy. However, people generally opt for SEO over it due to its long-term benefits. Brisbane SEO agencies, along with many others, can assist individuals who are struggling in this field.

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