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5 Proven Tips to Increase
Engagement Rate on Instagram


Whether you’re an influencer on Instagram or just an avid social media user, everybody wants to be known. Whether you want to buy Instagram followers, increase engagement, or just want to know how to get more likes on Instagram posts, you’ve come to the right place. The key is to not only find organic followers but find the ones that are on par with the content that you’re creating. Followers that not only religiously follow your posts but also excitedly wait for your next ones. 

5 Proven Tips to Increase Engagement Rate on Instagram

Face Your Audience

Conducted studies have shown that posts or accounts, in general, containing a face are more likely to be liked by people all around. The theory behind this is simple. People like people. They want to not only see the content you create but also the person behind it.

For example, If you’re a photographer, your followers not only want to see your pictures but also the person behind the lens. If you’re a writer, your followers not only want to read what you write but also know the thought process behind it. They want to know what makes you, you. 

Giving your brand/account a face has another benefit as it makes you more recognizable. 

Time Your Posts

If you want to increase engagement and grow Instagram followers, it is very important that you post regularly. Another thing that goes hand in hand with posting frequently is timing your posts. Observe where your followers are from by checking out the analytics, check when they’re the most active, and try your best to post them. 

While posting regularly is important, make sure that the quality of your content doesn’t decline in doing so. Having a satisfied audience is essential. 

Experiment and Use Every Feature

In the initial days, Follower engagement was measured by the number of followers you have and the number of likes that you get on your Instagram posts, but that’s no longer the case. Now, there are many features available on Instagram, and guess what? You can use all of them to grow Instagram followers. 

Make sure you experiment with posting stories while using stickers, reels on trending songs, creating your own filters, and whatnot. The more content you put out there, the more likely you are to be noticed by people. 

Make sure that every post of yours is accompanied by a caption that will force your audience to be intrigued and in turn engage with your post. Experiment with what works for you, whether it is writing long captions with a lot of wordplays or just small and simple ones. Use Geo-tags as they’re an excellent way to increase engagement and grow Instagram followers. 

Studies have shown that carousel posts get more engagement than single photos and videos, so you can try posting something like that. Maybe you can post how-to posts, basic tips to follow, etc, depending on the niche that best fits your personal brand. The more information you put in your posts, the more you encourage your followers to save them for later. 

Using the Right Hashtags

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the hashtags that you put in your captions. Make sure that they’re not only relevant to your content but also well-researched. Try to find hashtags with a lot of followers but not too many posts so that your posts can get noticed. Experiment with different hashtags, you can create your original and set a brand to your posts as well. This way, your followers will know what to look out for while also bringing in a new audience. 

The right hashtags mean that your post will show up in the right places in the explore section of Instagram, thanks to its newest algorithm. This would not only bring you engagement, get more instagram likes on Instagram posts, but also grow Instagram followers. 

Engage With Your Audience

If you want your audience to engage with you, you need to make sure that you engage with them too. You can try replying to some of their comments on your posts (Especially during the first hour of posting as it increases engagement.) Posting interactive stories would mean that many of your followers would try to talk to you, make sure you give them appropriate responses, and interact with them occasionally. 

As your audience gets to know you, make sure you get to know them too. This will help you know what they like, what they don’t, and you can accordingly alter your content to meet their expectations. 


To conclude, while coming up with good content is essential if you want to keep your audience satisfied, you also need to know how to market your content for getting the proper engagement that you and your brand deserves.

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