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How I Had My Instagram Account Started From Scratch and How I Got Increased Engagement

Increased Engagement

Last week one year was completed for me to mark the shutdown of my old Instagram just when it was about to hit a milestone, which I actually started using just the trash. Following is the explanation of how I started this all and the reason why.

The Why

Back around in the year 2013, I initiated my Insta account. At that time I absolutely had no way out, as I didn’t even do the photography for a lot of years now. All those photos which I posted were just the random photos which I had taken throughout my life and I at that time what I always wanted to be was just an influencer with some of the random junk I had at that time. As a result of this, I got so much Instagram followers who didn’t care when my Instagram account had a shift from junk to just photography.

This is how I started getting dead accounts or the uninterested accounts where people weren’t actually ready to give a darn. At that time I was near to get a about a total of 1200 followers and for me it seemed like I have gained too much. To me this felt like as if Instagram is stopping me from arriving at peak. I really was thinking so much regarding how I can naturally get followers on my Instagram profile with real followers regarding what actually had happened till now and in what way I can make the things right for my account without putting an impact over my card. That time I made a decision to be nuclear.

I made my account private and this was the first step I had taken to make more followers for my account. I then changed my account name too and I created a new account with the name dareoverthere so that my social links wouldn’t change. I didn’t change my website nor my business card but I just posted some new stuff on my previous account in which I promoted my new account.

Both my accounts showed new increased engagement.

Increased Engagement

The Result

When I started a new page with previous name, I just wanted to be sure that if somehow my experiment gets failed, I would be able to go back to my old account and this is why I never deleted my old account so that I always had a second option.

The main purpose of doing this all was just to create better engagement rather than more followers. I decided to keep up with my old real Instagram followers and those whom I had been following for long. I also checked if they were legitimate or not. Following is the threefold way I checked for that:

The first thing I had a look upon is whether my followers were just following me without having any much interaction to the posts.

The second thing was were they following a doubtfully high number of accounts having a same number of followers.

The third and the most important thing was had they been pitching some unusual application in their bio.

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