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Multiple Ways And Tricks To Improve PageSpeed Score


PageSpeed Score has been an important factor related to rankings for a couple of years. As the time passes by it’s importance for SERP has increased. Pages that load faster attract more visitors because it gives faster results.

What is a PageSpeed score?

A higher PageSpeed Score generally means that the website is optimized for efficiency and speed. Google PageSpeed Insights is a free and well known tool to improve the page speed score of your website on mobile and desktop devices.It also gives suggestions on how to improve the score of the website.

Why does Page Speed matter?

PageSpeed has become more important to the users because faster websites attract more visitors.A good PageSpeed score provides better experience to the users. As a result it also stands up at the top of search results.

On the contrary if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load a page, most users click away and select different search results.Mobile users also want faster page loading. 

PageSpeed score also influences the conversion rate. Many websites have noted that growth in PageSpeed score with every second increased the conversion rate of 2% on websites.

Page speed is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). It is one of the ranking factors of the search index for Google.

 Recently the search engine increased the significance of the user experience by implementing Page Experience to the ranking signals.This latest ranking signals merges Core Web Vitals with metrics like safe browsing and mobile friendliness. It is used to generate search signals for the overall page experience.

Let’s take a look at the image from Google that presents how the Core Web Vitals blend with other site factors to generate the Page Experience signal:

Page Speed

Getting A High Google PageSpeed Score

Doing the right SEO is very essential for the website. The issue with search engine optimization is that most site owners do not know how to do it effectively.

As soon as your website appears on the top of the search results, you will definitely get a lot of benefits. These advantages contain more leads, more sales, more traffic and more brand awareness.

There are various on-page optimization techniques to upgrade the visibility of the users website. It is also important to know whether your website is improving or degrading. If it is created on WordPress then there are many optimization tools and speed tests accessible to you.

How To Use Google PageSpeed Insights Score?

It is very easy to use and get the PageSpeed score in simple steps:

  •  Just go to the Google PageSpeed Insights and enter any URL. Then you have to click on Analyze.
  • Then you have to wait for the tool to analyze the webpage. It takes some time to provide the result as it depends on the speed of internet connection and difficulties of the page.
  • After that the analysis gets completed. It shows the result based on a score from 0 to 100 for both mobile and desktop versions of the webpage. Users can see lots of options to improve the PageSpeed score.

Theoretically the highest PageSpeed score is 100/100.According to Google, the score beyond 90 or 90 is good, from 50 to 90 requires improvement and below 50 is regarded as bad. 

Steps to Enhance Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score

Here is a step by step guide to apply Google’s suggestions to enhance the Google PageSpeed Score:

Remove Render-Blocking Resources

Render-Blocking resources such as graphics,images, videos and other files to prevent the rendering of the page. There is no set formula to get rid of this problem, but users can optimize them or load them asynchronously. As a result the page loads faster and Google PSI score improves.

Decrease Server Response Time

The Server Response Time is the time it manages to obtain the first byte of data from the server. It is also known as TTFB i.e. time to first byte. A slower TTFB negatively influences

 the loading speed of pages.

To get rid of this issue users should try to use a dedicated hosting provider or upgrade it to a VPN.

Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript and CSS

Render-blocking CSS and JavaScript are styles and scripts that prevent the loading of the page. As a result the users are not able to see any content until and unless the styles and scripts are loaded.

You can get rid of the render-blocking CSS and JavaScript from the website through different methods.You can do this by applying the suitable tags in your HTML documents and minifying your styles and scripts.

Make Use Of A CDN

A CDN or Content Delivery Network is required to increase the performance of PageSpeed score and performance of the website by caching static files and providing them from a nearby server.

If you are not using a CDN you should definitely try to increase the performance of your website.


Thus it is clear that optimization for the PageSpeed score is essential for the upcoming time.As Google is trying to make the websites more user-friendly your SEO focus must be on increasing the page speed.

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