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Improve Your Visibility as an Influencer

It takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to create an online presence. It is easy for the big brands because they are well known already. All they need to do is just create creative content to stay current and relatable.

However, when you are going out solo, it is quite a journey. Apart from figuring out what image you want people to see you as, you also need to stay relevant, make people remember you and look good on screen. Kudos to all the influencers out there who are working hard to build a brand of their own.

If you are one of the hustlers and want to know what else to add to improve your online presence, you're at the right place! Read on to learn some tips and tricks,

Find your niche

The foremost thing an influencer needs to do is find their ground. Choose between all the types of content available on the internet and finalize the one that echoes best with your work & personality. If you take Youtube, there are hundreds of genres with thousands of people for each one.

But only a handful are famously known for their craft. As for beauty content you'd see Jeffree Star, James Charles, etc. And, for comedy, you know Lilly Singh, PewDiePie, etc. Then few content creators combine their dancing skills with comedy to perform fun skits. So, sit back and analyze which suits you best.

Connections and more connections

Whether it is IT business or entertainment, everyone needs to socialize with their community to have a better reach and find suitable opportunities. Connecting with fellow content creators enhances the chances of cross-promotion of each other's socials.

Another way is to collaborate with brands. Associating with the right brands improves your credibility. While they pool a versatile talent under their banner, you will also get enough exposure towards their audience. It is the right amalgamation of connection and divergence. Improve your connections using the email search tool, This freemium website answers the question about how to find the email addresses of the professionals. Use its Chrome extension to Linkedin to find the contacts of the desired profiles!

Finding the nerve

Before blasting all out with hashtags and paid promotions, you (as an influencer) need to know your audience. Which country people follow you the most? What's the ratio between men and women? The highest age group of the audience that is interested in your content.

Once you have clarity over this, it becomes easier to commence the publicity accordingly. Along with research, audience engagement also matters to stay on top of the crowd. Don't just upload photos and reels, share other content of yours. Communicate with the followers in comments. Post content with high audience engagement.

Final thoughts

In this world of likes & follows, it is easy to get lost and assume your validation depends on the numbers. Do not fall into the trap of pleasing everyone. 

While being unapologetically yourself is crucial, you also need to be kind to yourself and take a break from the virtual world when in need!

Social media influencers can be draining at times. It is okay if things aren't going great. Wait it out and try again after some point.

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