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5 Simple Tricks to Improve Hotel Business
in New York 2021

There are loads of buzzing around the hotel business and specifically the hospitality industry like,

  • How do these hotels survive? 
  • What different technologies that hotels should use in order to reduce costs? 
  • How a mobile app could help this Industry?

While you need to ask the first question to probably an economist, we can help you in the second and third. Because we are a team of researchers and experts, who loves technology and all the stuff of business and tech that help different companies stay with us in this article to get detailed tips to improve your customer base in your hotel.

So, here we have written 5 different techniques so that you could enhance your sales within New York City...

1. Making an app:

Although it might seem a little costly at times rather we recommend you to see it from a long-term perspective. Like there are many different types of features you could build. Such as Booking, Restaurant menu, and food delivery, Service showcasing features, Rooms amenities, and their charges, Banquets for different occasions. Features with these apps help you to reach more audiences. 

For example, If you have an app then one could see different offers, easily booking on their own and many as such. So to enhance your hotel reach & booking through Android and iOS application, hire mobile app developers in NYC from 9series for custom hotel mobile application solutions.

Besides, New York is a city of tourists. Yearly millions of tourists visit the city and all the things surrounding them, so an app full of features and easy directive would definitely help you to reach new audiences.

2. Mobile friendly website:

We already talked a lot about your app, now look at the website side. Before this, Imagine you are browsing different hotels and when you search for a hotel its website is taking time to load. Then they have shown very old stuff and fonts are small and the design is web type. I think after seeing this you probably close the website. Right!

Similarly, If your website is not mobile-friendly and even we would suggest tab friendly, then no matter how good your marketing is, leads can not be converted. So, enrich the user experience by updating your website. 9series has plenty of things that you could do with your website. We analyze your website then give recommendations according to the current scenario then we move to build or update the content.

3. Analytics:

I think loads of people have the misconception that all users want is a cheap price. It was right in the 90s nowadays for people prior to comfort over money. And analytics told us that. Similarly, there are loads of other things that analytics can tell you. There is Hotel management software available that could give you very insights about your hotel and how to resolve those. Also, you can know lots of things about your customers like what is a general perspective towards your hotel? Should they be willing to come again? Etc.

4. Branding:

In marketing, people often use hefty words and different ads of their amenities. Rather we would suggest going for a simple branding message about who you actually are. Due to the abundance of hotels specifically in New York, there are people who have all kinds of choices so one way or another how they come to you? 

Showcasing the best things you could do for them. Different MNCs are already doing it. They often advertise what they are and what is the best that they could do. Now, this helps them in 2 ways, first, the audience will be narrow and specific. So that they won’t need to worry about others. Second, this specific audience tells them where it is lacking like different types of parameters of their services they need to be improvised or changed. This eventually helps to enhance the user experience and that leads to more customer conversion.

Some things you need for your hotel are menu covers, Bell Carts, Menu Stands, and Stanchions. These are just a few major points to cover as they not only help your brand stand out as professional, but they also show a higher level of service to your patrons from the get-go.

A menu lists the food, but the menu formatting, professionalism, and organization showcase the quality to expect. Bell carts are a convenience that people expect in a good hotel but keep your equipment in good repair, and stanchions bring a bit of red carpet class to the lobby and outside of the hotel. People go to a hotel to relax but also to feel the acknowledgment that they are important to the business and these details do a wonderful job of making them love your brand.

5. Guest events and Photography:

There are loads of ways to do effective branding and one of the ways is hosting different kinds of guest speakers. If you host a speaker that relates to your hotel nature then there would be high chances that you probably end up with loads of leads due to branding awareness. 

High and qualitative photos would help you to enhance your user’s experience. Photos like showcasing your services and amenities help your customers to come and trust you as they get vicarious experience and partial ideas about your hotel. Your reviews then help to convert these customers.

Final Word

So, That’s it. We told you about the back-end process that could be affected by your business. People are becoming smart and technology plays a huge role in that. So in order to beat competition one needs to remember that you should get help from technology too.

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