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Top 5 Tips for Improving Conversion Rates
on Your Website

You’ve launched your eCommerce store, your SEO is on point, and traffic is flowing in. But for some reason, your conversions are low. What’s gone wrong?

Many eCom site owners think that generating traffic and amassing a healthy stack of leads automatically translates to conversions. But that’s not the case. SEO and lead-gen won’t get customers to open their wallets. For that to happen, you need to optimize your website to be a sales machine.

A website that sells must have:

  • A value-focused pitch
  • Attractive visuals
  • Clear and target-appropriate content
  • Helpful resources
  • A solid brand experience

Behind the scenes, successful eCommerce managers are constantly analyzing, testing, and tweaking the above factors.

Below, we’ll give you a few tips to optimize your website and analytics for increased conversions

Add Video to Your Product Pages

Video is now the most important type of content for marketers. Consumers can’t get enough, and websites with more video content sell more products. And it’s not just a little more either.

A video on your landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%. This could be an embedded YouTube video or an engaging background video that turns your site into an experience. You can see a good example of background video done right at

Now, brands are putting videos on product pages and seeing big results. Research shows that consumers prefer watching product videos to reading product descriptions—and 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video demonstration of how it works.

Add Live Chat Customer Service

Even if you build an amazing sales-driven eCommerce site, your visitors will still have reservations about buying. Adding a live chat function can clear up their uncertainties and give them the confidence to buy.

Live chat helps convert much better than an FAQ page or contact email because it keeps your buy-ready customers on-page. Live chat has been found to boost conversions by a hefty 20%, and customers who use the feature spend an average of 60% more cash.

Visitors who leave your site to find answers about a product will likely find those answers on a competitor’s site.

Optimize Your Sales Funnels

Customers may not convert when they reach your site because they aren’t ready to buy. That means you have a sales funnel issue. Your sales funnel is a journey that leads go on from the moment they first encounter your brand until the time they become loyal customers.

Every step of your funnel needs to build buyer confidence and pitch value to your target. If it’s done correctly, your traffic will be ready to purchase by the time they reach your product page.

If your traffic isn’t converting, try optimizing your sales funnel with:

  • Email marketing
  • Valuable blog posts
  • More social media outreach
  • Targeted ads
  • Targeted landing pages
  • Strong copy

Sales funnel optimization can be automated if you’re willing to invest in software like ClickFunnels and LeadPages.

Improve Your Sales Copy

Sales copy is the barrier between your customer and a sale. The quality of your copy will determine if that barrier is a doorway or a concrete wall.

Good sales copy makes a convincing pitch by explaining the value a product brings to the target’s life. It also anticipates and answers visitors' questions while dispelling reservations about your brand. And most importantly, it does all of this succinctly.

Great copy increases buyer confidence and converts. Poor copy makes buy-ready visitors uncertain and kills sales.

So, what’s the best way to improve your copy? Hire a good copywriter. It’s worth paying even $1000 for a landing page if it improves conversions.

Test, Test, Test

Once you’ve optimized your site, your conversions might go up. But your work is far from over. Testing is the best way to hone your skills and increase conversions over time. Your skill at sales can always get better, and your target will change over time. You need to be ready.

A/B testing is the best way to test your on-page content. Try different pages, different copy, and different visuals to see what performs better.

You can also use heatmaps, form analytics, and scrollmaps to measure your visitors’ behavior and improve user experience.

Don’t forget to test often for bugs that can make your site less navigable or visually appealing.

Run all of these tests on desktop and mobile versions of your site.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your eCommerce site for conversions is a full-time job. The fluidity of the market guarantees that there’s no single sales trick that works—and the ones that work today may not convert tomorrow. So, keep testing, optimizing, and refining your pitch. And remember to invest in high-quality content like video and sales copy.

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