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The Importance of IT Certifications
and How to Obtain Them

Having basic technological knowledge and education might make you eligible to pursue a career in IT. But to carve out a professional career with a specialization in specific areas, you need to acquire the right certifications in the respective areas of specialization. The certificate bears testimony to your skills and expertise, which is the reason for its high value. Employers are ready to accept the certifications and pay the professionals according to their worth. Certifications lend credibility to those seeking a career in IT. The certificates are issued by reputable organizations and help you to stand out from the crowd. The career prospects are just too much for aspiring IT professionals who must seek IT certification for IT career, which holds the key to career advancement when matched correctly with experience.

Support your claim with certification

Organizations that hire IT professionals rely a lot on certifications to assess the candidate’s capabilities and expertise. It also indicates the candidate’s competence in the respective field. It helps employers to set the right expectations about what the candidate is capable of and how suitable he or she would be for the job. On the other hand, the certifications help IT professionals stay updated with the latest technologies, helping in career advancement. The certificates uphold the professional credential and guarantee that the person holding the certificate has met a minimum professional and ethical standard.

Which certification do you need?

The kind of certification you need depends on the point in your career because it considers the skills and expertise you want to acquire. The certificates that someone needs when starting a career in IT will differ from what they would require at a later stage in their career. Once you make a start and progress in your career, you learn new technologies and acquire unique skills that would require certifications at each stage. It is a knowledge-based industry, and you learn as you grow while the certificates bear testimony of your skills, expertise, and abilities.

  • Starters who want to make a career in Networking can obtain Cisco Certified Network Associate or CCNA certificate. It can help to secure the job of a network administrator, network engineer, and system administrator, or equivalent position.
  • Another entry-level IT certification with good value is Microsoft's certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification for a system engineer, system administrators, and network administrators.
  • To start a career in the role of technology specialist in IT support, you can consider CompTIA A+ technician certification or Network+ certification.

The primary technology companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Oracle, VMWare, etc. offer different kinds of IT certifications for various specialties. To obtain the certification, you must follow the steps specified by these companies and fulfill the conditions by attending classes and the training sessions to qualify for the examination, on passing which you will receive the certificate.

Consider your current career position and work out a growth plan to select the certification that can support your advancement goals.

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