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What is Impact of CRO in PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing

If you are a PPC marketer, you might have asked yourself, ‘How to convert the website visitors into leads and then into potential customers?’ Well, this is so much hard work. And every business owner is struggling with this. Luckily, there is a solution: CRO!

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing your website for a better customer journey, thereby increasing profits from sales. It involves optimizing your PPC Ads, website design, landing pages, etc., for better results.

But, what exactly does PPC have to do with CRO? Or, what is the impact of CRO in PPC marketing? Keep reading the article to know.

How Important Is CRO For Paid Marketing?

Before we discuss how important CRO is for PPC or paid marketing, let’s have a look at the benefits of PPC. PPC Ads target the audience who is searching for exactly what you offer. Thus, it helps generate relevant traffic to your website.

PPC is measurable; you can measure the number of clicks, views, CPC, as well as the total number of sales generated. Moreover, you have complete control over how you bid, the keywords you choose, or the overall cost of the campaign.

However, PPC is good for the short-term only. If you rely much on a paid search marketing campaign with no other backup, all your listings will disappear once you cross the fixed budget. Therefore, it is said to combine PPC with SEO.

But how can CRO help? Well, CRO helps you optimize your Ads so that your website visitors take action what you want. If you don’t consider optimizing your website for conversions, you might end up paying for clicks rather than conversions. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that CRO helps you get more from paid advertising.

How Does CRO Impact PPC Marketing?

First and foremost, it needs to be said that if you haven’t included CRO in your paid marketing strategy, you should!

CRO reduces the roadblocks in the customers’ journey by making the landing pages more relevant and user-friendly. This way, it makes the customer’s path to conversion interesting and appealing and boosts your performance.

With an increase in conversion rate, the CPA or cost per acquisition decreases. This means, if you do it right, your costs almost remain the same, but the chances of winning more conversions increase. Thus, CRO in PPC marketing boosts your efficiency of Ad Spend.

In addition, CRO makes your Ads more your website’s landing pages relevant to the paid search Ads. It improves your Google Ads Quality Score. It further decreases the CPC; it means you get the same number of clicks at a lower cost.

Why Do You Need A CRO-Driven PPC Marketing Strategy?

As discussed above, the most significant reason for adopting a CRO-driven PPC marketing strategy is that it boosts your revenue without having to spend more. Some other reasons why CRO is important in PPC marketing.

The Rising PPC Costs

As a PPC advertiser, you already know that PPC Ads are quite high. There was a time when PPC was used by small businesses to gain attention.

But, now it is becoming a less preferred option because advertisers have seen an increase in Ad Spend without any conversions. Here, CRO can help make the most clicks so that the clicks pay for themselves.

Increased Competition

There are thousands of retailers online, all competing to win customers. This means you need to have a user-friendly website that automates the users towards doing what you want. With conversion rate optimization, you can stay ahead of this competition.

Decreasing Customer’s Attention Span

Suppose a user lands your website and doesn’t find what they need or couldn’t figure out how to find something on your website. You can’t expect them to spend more time there. Instead, they will start looking for a website that quickly provides what they want.

CRO-driven marketing helps you cope with this. It helps you get the visitors’ attention.

Improves Your Website’s Performance Immediately

Once you make changes, the website funnels the visitors towards taking action. You will be able to spot a considerable improvement in the conversion rate. The best thing is, CRO offers long-term results but requires continuous testing.

These are just a few of many reasons to implement CRO in your PPC marketing checklist strategy. Let’s now look at some of the ways to do so.

How to Feed PPC into CRO Strategy?

PPC marketing data revolves around who your target customers are and what they have been searching for. The key is to use this information for improving their experience as soon as they land on your website.

Below are a few tips to get started-

  • Use the Quality Score to decide where you should focus your CRO efforts more. Take into account the landing page experience. It tells you how relevant or useful the landing page is to the visitors. While it doesn’t tell what to change, it tells you where you need to prioritize CRO testing.
  • Match the PPC Ads message with what your landing page is all about. It will significantly improve the customers’ journey. Make sure that the targeted keywords are featured in the Ad copy.
  • Check how your conversion rate varies by device. If most of the traffic comes through a mobile, test to see how your website is functioning on mobile.
  • Optimize your paid search Ads for voice search. You can use tools like SEMrush to find long-tail search queries to boost the voice search traffic.


Whether you want more leads, more subscribers, or more sales, CRO should be a part of your PPC marketing strategy. PPC insights provide you with precious data about the website visitors, their demographics, the device they are using, etc. When you use this data to improve the visitors’ experience, you will be able to create an informed CRO strategy. It will further improve the conversion journey for the visitors who come to your site via paid search.

To sum up, in a dynamic industry like PPC, CRO-driven marketing is something that will save you from unnecessary spending. In turn, you make the most of your marketing efforts.

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