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How Does Human Connect Technology With Healthcare App Development?

By Elena Randall

This generation is running blindly behind work to earn money but there is no time to think about their health. As technology has been grown, physical activity is reduced. It creates symptoms of an unhealthy body. Thus in the busy schedule to track your health with the help of technology can create awareness.

There are multiple kinds of options to monitor and control your health. The only point from yourself is to find and follow it because the bucks you earn are to spend for your entertainment, not for the hospital. You might hear about a proverb called “prevention is better than cure.” It denotes that planning your system to take action before the problem arrives is safer than the time taken to prepare for the solution.

Thus in this corporate world due to the time insufficient for you to search organic food is hectic if you think it as. It is not hectic; only the mind thinks it as hectic to follow. Thus, it is important to know at least the importance of required and sufficient minerals by your body.

Hence I have given some of the top apps used by the majority of smartphone users to maintain their health before the time takes to think about the solution as I mentioned above in the proverb.

Health and Nutrition Guide

This is a free version app in the android play store which is downloaded by nearly 10k+ of people. The design of this app is for the benefits of health and nutrition as guiding. You do not require to login and use it and also it does not prefer any personal information from you. The listed items to be carried out for your diet are elaborately defined with a huge database.

It is designed with two food systems, namely as Veg and non-veg. Both the category is filled with the nutrition approach enable you to be healthy. It is also included with BMI calculator, healthy living tips, world best food, foods that heal your body, etc. Note down that this app is not designed for children.

Home Workout - No Equipment

Those who want to save their bucks from the gym or trainer can use this app. This app is downloaded by nearly 50M+ downloads. It is a complete power-pack app included with the workouts for every muscle. The design is included with the workout for abs, chest, legs, arms, and butt as well as a full-body workout.

It is featured with various categories such as warm-up, stretching, records training progress automatically, the chart for your weight, reminders with customize option, detailed with video and animation guides, and also it allows sharing the ideas with your friends on social media. It eases to shape your body with the training it offers. The app also has a facility of purchase for the pro version, it cost around $2.52 to $46.85.

Lifesum: Food Diary, Meal Planner & Diet Tracker

This app is designed based on food and weight and was downloaded by around 10M+ users. It offers you with a club of well-controlled food and weight by tracking your movement. It is an easy idea that you can reduce the weight based on what you had. Thus on prescribing the desired foods based on your weight will help you to reduce the calories easily.

The features it included are food planner, nutrition tracker, diet tracker, tips to diet, calorie counter, food tracker with the barcode scanner, macro calculator, meal planner, and weight loss tracker. To get additional features from this app, you can buy it. It costs around $2.78 to $67.83.

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

It is the easiest calorie counter and macro tracker which was downloaded with 50M+ users. The main motto of this app is to reduce the weight and tone up in healthy skin, habits with the diet it offers. The database is huge in compiling the foods that suit your body.

The features it includes are food database, barcode scanner for tracking, to import the recipe, logging your favorite restaurants, customize the food, calorie counter, macro counter, tracking the nutrients, and water. You can also view the history of your calories, macros, and nutrients intake. To get the pro version, it charges around $0.85 to $44.39.

Runtastic Running App & Mileage Tracker

You can treat this app as your fitness app. It coaches you for running and marathon training with tracking your workouts. Runtastic app allows routing your mileage based on your activity. This app is downloaded by 50M+ users. It is a free version with tracking your distance, time, speed, elevation, calorie burned, etc.

The design of the app with a voice coach helps you to train with a coordinate. The app gives you a running status with statistics and helps you to know very well about the training you obtained. To use the pro-version, it costs around $0.14 to $58.74.

NTC Training Club - Workouts & Fitness Plans

NTC is abbreviated as Nike Training Club. You might be heard about this popular sport based company Nike. It offers an app to train you as a personal trainer. 185+ free workouts are added into this for enduring the strength and mobility with yoga. It was downloaded by 10M users. It designed with a personalized option as per the user requirement.

An extra tip is also available by the trainers, who were top in the fitness industry. And the workout times is ranging from 15 to 45 minutes. It consists of three levels low, moderate and advanced levels. Each level is designed according to the user requirement.

Daily Yoga

Yoga is a precious form of art; enables the mind and body to keep in control. This app is useful to enhance the mind and body to get in control. The feature includes focusing on relaxation, weight loss, etc. It also enhances with various forms of asanas.

The download number is around 5M+ users. Various meditation and music is an added advantage to this app. The training is offered by 10+ experts. You can plan the workout as per your requirement. To use the pro version it costs around $0.70 to $363.77.

Final Thoughts

The above apps are given based on user engagement and reviews. These apps can help you to lead a healthy life. Just set a goal and try to maintain discipline, everything will get set into your body perfectly.

About the Author:
Elena Randall is a Content Creator who works for Top Software Companies, which provides a top 10 list of the best software development companies within the world. She is passionate about reading and writing.
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