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How HR’s Email Signature Can Represent
the Corporate Culture?

Email footers play a key role in communications via email. Conversations without professional email signatures can be not easy to follow, and therefore cause misunderstanding between correspondents. A Human Resources email footer should be designed with the utmost care, as it often serves as a core element for forming the long-lasting first impression of the organization.

HR specialists need to find a smart way to showcase the organization’s benefits, demonstrate how they differ from other similar companies, promote job openings, and present the company culture efficiently. Email signature software helps find smart ways to achieve this goal.

Email Signature

Let’s see how the Human Resources departments can benefit from email signatures in more detail.

1. Optimize a recruitment process

No matter if you contact an applicant, email a colleague, or need to get in touch with a partner or supplier, you can finish your letter in the same way, every time. A professional email signature designed properly is a versatile element that doesn’t require continuous resource-intensive change. It allows you to do the following things:

  • Show open vacancies

Just create a vivid banner like on the example below saying “We are hiring” or “Join our team” and add the link to your career page on your website (if you have one) or another job resource with your listings. 

  • Share the company’s policy towards employees

As an HR specialist, you can share your employee handbook in your email signature. Potential hires may want to check it out before they join your organization.

  • Schedule interviews in a few clicks

Add an “Apply now” button to your email footer template to speed up the process of collecting job applications. 

On top of that, you can include a link to Zoom or Google Meet to let a job seeker quickly reach out to you.

If you want to see more free email footer templates, check out this library.

Email Signature

2. Develop an internal culture

Your staff is key to the success of your business. So, you can also use email signatures to develop internal culture. 

  • Announce news inside your company

Using company-wide email footers for internal communication is essential for organizations with lots of employees. Not only this makes conversations more personal and human, but it also helps inform employees about what’s happening in the company. 

  • Inform employees about training

You can utilize email signature banner campaigns to announce training options. Add clickable CTA (call to action) buttons linking directly to the appropriate training content. 

  • Survey staff regularly

To keep your staff informed, motivated, and engaged, show them that their opinion matters. Add a link to a small survey in your email signature.

  • Spread the company’s values

New organization policy papers, branded templates, and other important updates can be quickly and easily distributed throughout your company using interactive email footers and banner campaigns. Some email signature software can even let you track downloads so that you can see exactly who has downloaded and read the document that you sent.

Pro tip: When sending letters to your colleagues, you don’t necessarily need as much information in your email footer as you would include for external recipients. Strive for a smaller signature as you don’t have to add details such as a disclaimer or social media profiles. A logo, name, job little, and the phone would be fine. 

3. External communications

In many companies, email footers used for internal messages are exactly the same as the ones used when communicating externally. Keep in mind that it’s more logical that the things you promote inside the company should differ from the things you promote externally. See below for more ideas.

  • Include Green policy message

Did you hear about Green footers added to the bottom of your email signature? These are usually a couple of short lines of green color text that ask the reader not to print out the email and attachments if possible. If you care about the environment (we are sure you do), use this simple tactic.

On top of that, you can share a link to your company’s website or a .pdf explaining how you will contribute to solving environmental issues. 

  • Use a banner to promote the company’s image

Make sure you are getting the most from the free space at the bottom of your email and use banners that will allow you to promote your company or add important details. A well-through email footer banner works by enticing your readers to click on the link. 

To let your potential employees know your company better and impress them, you can add, for example, your certificates and awards.

  • Add the latest PR coverages

Why not share your PR coverages with your candidates? Let them know that your company is popular and reputable.

Of course, it can be quite complicated to add a banner to an email footer as you will need to create new tables and ensure the alignment is correct. Luckily, as we already mentioned earlier in this article, there are modern, easy-to-use solutions for creating email signatures. Using them, you will avoid all the manual work and save a lot of time.

Speaking of useful solutions, we also recommend you trying the draw signature tool that will help you make your emails more human. 

Email Signature


Productively communicating with potential employees is often a challenge for HR specialists. Today, you can save a lot of time by using smart tactics. A well-designed email signature is one of those tactics. 

By including a quick link to schedule an interview or showcasing your company policies towards employees, you decrease the number of questions. 

On top of that, email signature marketing and banner campaigns are an excellent way to let your staff know about vacancies that they can either apply for themselves or share with other interested applicants. 

The chances are that your employees also communicate with your competitors’ employees. Why not also add job postings to their email footers to see if you can recruit your competitors’ best staff?

The benefits of email signatures are endless. Start using them today, and you won’t regret it.

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