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How do you use AR Zone?

AR zone

AR popularly known as Augmented Reality creates virtual items and adds them such as emojis, clothing items, make-upor furniture to recordings and pictures - ar zone app creates loads of interesting and artistic features by enhancing the level of creativity with state of the art functioning towards creating a solid and rock bottom start.

Through the following post, you will know the steps to use AR Zone to edit media on your Samsung Galaxy S20 5G...

Note: Follow on-screen instructions if you are prompted with a request for permission.

  • Go to Home screen
  • For opening the menu, swipe up or down the screen
  • Choose Camera
  • If you see the option of "Next", click on it
  • By enabling location tagging, you actually save geographical information such as the place the photo has been taken. Based on your preference you can enable or disable through settings at a later time
  • Click on the Next option, which you see in the screen
  • Choose More
  • Choose AR Zone
  • After you scroll down, choose AR Emoji Camera
  • For adding a new emoji character, choose the plus symbol by following on-screen instructions
  • Tap the screen
  • There is an option of a MASK mode, where by using animated emojis as a mark, you can record videos and take selfies. There are several other modes in the form of SCENE, Mirror and PLAY for you. Make your choice of an emoji character
  • Tap the emoji character for taking a picture
  • While for recording a video, tap and hold the emoji character
  • Choose the back symbol
  • AR Doodle mode gives you the convenience of adding drawings to your environment.Your doodle keeps on tracking faces and space, so basically as you move around; there are the drawings which are going to move with you as well
  • Choose AR Emoji Studio
  • If in the event, you didn't find a custom emoji yet, you can choose "Create My Emoji" by following on screen instructions
  • If you already have custom options, then you can go for next step
  • AR Emoji Studio mode gives you the convenience of creating and customizing your own emoji character
  • For this, go to makeover by changing one or more options
  • Choose back symbol
  • Choose AR Emoji characters
  • If you don't have a custom emoji yet, then do so by creating my Emoji and follow on screen instructions
  • If you do have custom emoji, then follow the next step
  • Under "All", you can see the option of "GIFS" on your emoji character that you can use to share through messaging app
  • For creating your own GIF, choose "Get Started" by following on-screen instructions
  • Choose back symbol
  • Scroll down
  • Deco Pic gives you the option of adding animated stickers and pictures
  • Home Decor assists you virtually towards adding virtual furniture and appliances to your home decor
  • Makeup helps you with various options of trying different looks and make up products
  • Styling gives you the option of trying different types of sunglasses
  • Based on the above post, you get familiar with AR Zone feature
  • Return to Home Screen.
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