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How to Use AI to Deliver Better Customer Service


Making customer experience a top priority is essential for every business. Salesforce Research states that 78% of users would still do business with a company, even after they make a mistake, as long as their client service is top-notch. Instead of constantly seeking new customers, focusing on meeting the needs of current ones brings more rewards.

Thanks to continuous technological advancements, companies now have extra tools and resources. They easily connect with customers, improve operations, and achieve superior results. Artificial intelligence is increasingly contributing to helping companies boost customer service. It helps elevate satisfaction levels and empower employees to manage more complex tasks. In the article, let's look into some ways how AI helps you deliver better customer service.

Understanding AI Customer Service

Revolutionizing client service with AI means using tech like ML, NLP, and sentiment analysis. These innovations aim to provide user-friendly assistance to existing and potential customers.

Technology continues to advance. It becomes more affordable and user-friendly. It's a significant step up from the rigid and robotic bots of just a year or two ago. This progress is prompting a growing number of companies to adopt it.

Consequently, a wave of clients will likely encounter their first genuinely positive interaction with an AI agent. Consumers are eager to get involved. A recent survey states eight out of ten participants expressed their comfort with utilizing gen AI in customer support or service-related queries.

AI is equipped to handle routine tasks and common issues efficiently. It boasts the capability to:

  • Speedily resolve typical customer problems.
  • Free up agents to focus on more intricate and nuanced issues requiring their expertise.

Shaking up the roles makes agents happier. Moreover, it lowers the chances of burnout and people leaving. Virtual assistants are constantly learning on their own. They pick up useful tips from chatting with users and adapt to their requests.

Major companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple use AI to spice up user experiences. Take Siri and Alexa, as an example. Apple uses neural networks and ML tools to chat smartly with users. 

Benefits of Integrating AI into Customer Support

As highlighted by Allied Market Research, the conversational AI market is estimated to hit a substantial USD 32.6 billion by 2030. This projection underscores the escalating interest surrounding this tech. It’s especially evident in the modern business environment, where the significance of client service has never been more pronounced.

AI-powered chatbots are turning client service upside down. Let's touch on the primary benefits you can aim for:

  • Instant data process and response delivery. No more waiting around to get dull, pre-programmed replies. AI gets the knowledge from live databases. It can give real-time info on flight schedules, delivery details, or account updates.
  • Tailored conversations. Powered by Generative AI, chatbots don't stick to a robotic script. Instead, they chat based on your unique style. It makes the conversation feel way more natural and engaging.
  • Fast issue fixes. These bots are problem-solving agents. They help with answers to frequent questions and deliver spot-on info in a flash. The result? Less time dealing with problems and fewer unnecessary support calls.
  • Automation of day-to-day operations. AI allows the automation of tasks which were once time and resource-intensive. As an example, you may automate standard FAQ answers. It lets contact center operators focus on intricate and non-standard cases. It will improve the service quality.

MetaDialog steps up as the superior choice in AI implementation. AI solutions guarantee top-notch data privacy. Moreover, it aligns with GDPR standards. The platform lets you effortlessly link up data from various sources. It can be APIs, websites, databases, CRMs, and more. MetaDialog provides state-of-the-art models. They leverage your info to offer accurate answers without any confusion or glitches.

Customize the AI to match your rules. It ensures a hassle-free alignment with your company's policies. Moreover, your data remains secure within your environment. Whether you prefer using our platform through your API or installing our language models on-premises. Ultimately, the platform empowers you to develop and present smart solutions cost-effectively.

Ways to Use AI in Customer Service

Nowadays, we can see diverse applications to incorporating AI into client service. Let's uncover the transformative potential it holds for customer interactions and satisfaction.

Setting up customer service chatbots

AI excels at capturing the mood and comprehending the subtleties of client queries. They offer a laid-back and human-like experience. Skillfully juggling numerous messages, they make the process look like a simple task. With each customer chat, they absorb more words, phrases, and trending topics. They’re becoming even more adept at delivering perfect solutions in the future.

Incorporate these chatbots into the client service framework. Now, your clientele can reach out to you 24/7. Even during your team's downtime, these bots are on standby. They ensure swift and effective assistance whenever it's needed.

Analyzing customer sentiment

Customers have a multitude of choices, and maintaining their loyalty poses a considerable challenge. It’s precisely why sales and marketing squads are teaming up with a help desk. They work together to confront and dismantle barriers within the conventional marketing funnel.

AI tools dive deep into many conversations. Ultimately, they unveil hidden sentiments on various subjects. Moreover, these tools can even determine what customers think about your competitors. On top of that, you score metrics on client behaviors, purchase motivations, and brand health. These are all crucial insights for the help desk crew.

Personalizing customer interactions

As per CX Trends Report, 59 percent of clients anticipate businesses to leverage the data they gather to personalize their experiences. Clients aren't just looking to be a faceless entity. They crave personal communication with your brand. That's where empathetic client service becomes crucial. It's the secret element which amps up client engagement. It promotes loyalty and nurtures those long-lasting connections.

Yet, crafting unique responses to every concern and question becomes a Herculean task. It's particularly evident when your team is juggling requests from various channels. You may use AI-powered tools like MetaDialog. It's the game-changer in your client care tech arsenal. MetaDialog's solutions help your teams navigate through common questions with fast responses. Fueled by ML and semantic search algorithms, the tool grasps the context of incoming texts. It makes your client care stronger than ever.

Improving Team Productivity and Quality of Support

Employee burnout is a severe concern across various industries. AI customer service steps in as a much-needed savior. These smart tools bring transparency to workflows. They guarantee team members get a clear, unified view of all messages in one central spot.

Take as an illustration ING Turkey. It harnessed AI to make a smart, chatty interactive voice response (IVR) system. The system takes charge of collection calls, automatically redirecting them. As a result, the support team got space for more meaningful interactions. AI smoothly deals with tricky situations, lightening the load on ING's customer service crew. Ultimately, client payments went up by 60%.

Gathering Trends and Insights

Delve into your business or product domains by using topic clustering and aspect-based sentiment analysis. These tools uncover recurring themes in complaints and questions, offering in-depth insights. They go beyond that — they examine client demographics and upcoming trends. Consider them as your reliable guides for crafting a top-notch customer care strategy. Get the data and enhance your resource center or FAQs with information that truly resonates with your audience.

With MetaDialog's LLM, you're staying ahead of the curve. The tool extracts crucial insights from social and online users. It ensures your teams are on point with every message. Contextual insights keep the service swift and top-notch.

Real-World Examples of AI in Customer Service

Let's explore real-world scenarios proving AI isn't just a futuristic concept. It's a practical force revolutionizing CX across diverse industries.


Uber is taking its UX and customer service to the next level with the help of AI. Their in-house team of data engineers developed a conversational AI that empowers its help desk to address problems efficiently and promptly. Furthermore, this tool enhances the interaction among drivers, partners, and the client care team. It fostered amped-up communication and road safety. Uber is also harnessing the power of AI to enhance location accuracy. It ensures that driver-rider matches are on point and expected arrival times are precisely accurate.

Sensory Fitness

Sensory Fitness, the health and fitness company based in Miami, offers more than just intense workouts. They offer a holistic gym experience, including stretching and recovery programs. To keep pace with their expanding clientele, they partnered with FrontDesk AI, an AI company. It assisted them in creating a personalized AI virtual assistant named Sasha. The bot has taken their service to the next level.

Sasha is finely tuned to align with the company's distinctive brand voice. Whether booking appointments, rearranging schedules, or welcoming newcomers, the bot covers everything. Fueled by neural networks, it has an impeccable memory. Sasha recalls each caller's history and service preferences. The bot adeptly handles around 160 calls that would have otherwise ended up in voicemail.


Thanks to AI, companies are walking away from the manual grind of routine tasks. 1-800-Flowers is the online flower shop that joined forces with IBM's Watson AI to make a "digital concierge." This AI bot effortlessly handles orders on their website and mobile app. GWYN (Gifts When You Need) is the chatbot extraordinaire. Based on NLU and NLG, it turns the whole order process into a breeze, way more user-friendly than the typical online form.

The success stories roll in for MetaDialog. They show that you may step up your customer support game. After collaborating with MetaDialog, MacPaw saw an average support resolution time in the 20s. boasted a 28% boost in customer satisfaction. got 81% automation in customer support. With AI solutions, you might zero in on top-notch results, too.


The age of AI brings both chances and risks. It affects companies aiming to provide great client experiences. You may dive into AI and unlock a whole new world of personalization, productivity, and predictive smarts. Think about top-notch problem-solving and smooth navigating through multiple channels. It not only grows your company. It also builds unshakable trust and a competitive edge. Investing in the customer experience stays a top-notch move for businesses wanting to stay prominent in the digital era. If you're ready to unlock AI power, check out MetaDialog for the ultimate CX upgrade.

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