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How to Transfer Google Photos to Another Account | MultCloud

Ever felt a string of stress when mulling over the plausibility of losing your cherished recollections put away in Google Photos? Maybe you're exchanging accounts or essentially need to make a reinforcement in another cloud capacity stage. Whatever the reason, exchanging your Google Photos collection to another account can feel like an overwhelming assignment. But fear not, individual photo devotees! Here's where MultCloud steps in as your knight in shining armor, facilitating a smooth and efficient migration process.

The Need to Migrate Your Google Photos

Our Google Photos libraries regularly act as computerized treasure troves, fastidiously curated collections capturing life's valuable minutes. From childhood birthday parties and breathtaking excursion scenes to endearing family get-togethers and senseless pet tricks, these photographs hold colossal wistful value.

There are a few reasons why you might need to exchange your Google Photos to another account. Perhaps you're solidifying your online nearness or have maxed out your capacity space. Maybe you're exchanging to a distinctive cloud capacity supplier with a more engaging include set or estimating arrange. Anything your inspiration, MultCloud engages you to consistently relocate your photographs without compromising quality or organization.

Why Use MultCloud for Google Photos Transfer?

So, why select MultCloud as your Google Photos movement accomplice? Here's a breakdown of its key advantages:

Multi-Cloud Administration Wonder: MultCloud acts as a central center, permitting you to oversee and get to different cloud capacity accounts – counting Google Photos – from a single, user-friendly interface. This kills the require to log in and out of distinctive stages, streamlining the exchange process.

Streamlined Exchange Handle: MultCloud offers different user-friendly strategies for exchanging your photographs. Whether you favor a straightforward copy-paste approach, a devoted cloud exchange work, or secure private interface sharing, MultCloud caters to your particular needs and preferences.

User Friendly Features: When using the transfer function for data transfer, you can set various transfer preferences, such as file filtering, automatic transfer, or deletion of source files, etc. These options can help you move your data better.

3 Top Ways to Transfer Google Photos to Another

Before diving headfirst into the transfer process, let's get you set up with MultCloud:

Step 1. Creating a MultCloud Account: Head over to MultCloud's website and create a free account. The registration process is quick and straightforward, requiring just a few basic details.


Step 2. Adding Your Google Photos Accounts: Once logged in, navigate to the "Add Cloud" section and select "Google Photos" from the list. Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize MultCloud to access your Google Photos accounts. You can add both the source and destination accounts for the transfer process.

Three Effective Methods to Transfer Photos: 

Now that you're armed with MultCloud, here are three effective methods for transferring your Google Photos to another account:

Method 1: Utilizing "Copy to" Function

  1. Within MultCloud, locate your source Google Photos account. Navigate to the specific folder containing the photos you want to transfer.
  2. Select the desired photos by clicking on individual images or using the checkbox for multiple selections.
  3. Right-click on the selected photos and choose "Copy to" from the context menu.
  4. In the pop-up window, select the destination Google Photos account and the target folder where you want to place the copied photos. Confirm your selection, and MultCloud will initiate the transfer process.

Method 2: Leveraging "Cloud Transfer" Feature

  1. MultCloud offers a dedicated "Cloud Transfer" feature for you to move files between cloud storage accounts efficiently. On the MultCloud interface, locate the "Cloud Transfer" tab.
  2. Choose "Google Photos" as the source platform. Select the specific Google Photos accounts involved in the transfer.
  3. Choose another Google Photos account as the destination platform. Select the destination folder in your target Google Photos account.
  4. Confirm and initiate the transfer by clicking "Transfer Now". MultCloud will handle the transfer process in the background, keeping you updated on its progress.

Benefits of Cloud Transfer: This method is particularly useful for transferring large batches of photos or entire albums. It offers a more streamlined approach compared to the individual file selection process of the "Copy to" function.

Method 3: Sharing via Private Links

  1. This method involves creating private shareable links for your photos within MultCloud. Within the MultCloud interface, navigate to your source Google Photos account and locate the desired photos or folders.
  2. Right-click on the selection and choose "Share" from the context menu. In the following window, select "Share with MultCloud" and opt for "Private Share" for enhanced security.
  3. MultCloud will generate a unique link along with a password for accessing the shared photos. Copy this link and share it securely with the recipient of the photos (your other Google Photos account).
  4. On the receiving end (your target Google Photos account), access the shared link using a web browser. Enter the password when prompted, and you'll be able to download the photos directly to your new Google Photos library.

Benefits of Private Links: This method is advantageous when transferring photos to someone who doesn't have a MultCloud account. It also offers a layer of security by requiring a password for access.


By leveraging MultCloud's capabilities, you can easily move your prized Google Photos collection to another account. Whether you're uniting your computerized impression, liberating up capacity space, or investigating a distinctive cloud stage, MultCloud engages you to consistently exchange your recollections without compromising quality or organization. So, breathe a murmur of help, photography devotees!

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