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How to Recharge Your FASTag Account Instantly Online in 3 Easy Steps?

In a digital world where speed and convenience play the main part, FASTag has become an important tool. It’s used for toll payments on national highways across India. It offers contactless and cashless payment and saves you time.

Nonetheless, recharging your FASTag account has become a seamless process. You can do it instantly through digital methods. Let’s find out how you can recharge your FASTag account using IDFC FIRST Bank’s methods. First, let’s discover why this portal is the safest recharge option.

Why Choose IDFC FIRST Bank? Outlining 3 Prime Ways

So, how to get FASTag recharged in seconds? 

You may be stuck in the middle of a long journey when your FASTag account does not have enough balance. Luckily, you can now conveniently recharge your FASTag account via IDFC FIRST Bank. You can perform the following methods to proceed seamlessly:

Ways to recharge your FASTag

The following are the prime ways to FASTag recharge online options via IDFC FIRST Bank:

Method 1: Through the IDFC FIRST Bank website

You can recharge your account online using these steps:

  • After you visit the portal, you need to tap on CUSTOMER LOGIN
  • Enter your unique password and username combination to log into the account
  • Tap on the button that mentions Recharge Account
  • Enter your recharge amount and tap on PLAY
  • Pay using your debit card and credit card

Alternatively, you can also use net banking.

Method 2: A UPI App

You may recharge your FASTtag via UPI. All you need to do is enter the UPI address and make the payment. 

You may also simply go to the section that mentions RECHARGE. Follow these steps:

  • Tap on FASTag
  • After doing so, click on IDFC FIRST Bank.
  • You can enter your car registration number and the amount 
  • Lastly, pay the amount via the UPI app, and your recharge will be done

Method 3: A WhatsApp Recharge Option

It has become fairly simple to recharge your FASTag via WhatsApp. With IDFC FIRST Bank, you can get an opportunity to experience seamless recharge. All you need to do is type the WhatsApp number of IDFC FIRST Bank – +919555555555.

After typing a message, an auto-reply will be sent. Choose RECHARGE FASTag to get the details in the chat thread. You can now confirm details and proceed seamlessly.

Or, you may recharge someone else’s account too. When a link pops up, use it to recharge.


So, the online FASTag buy recharge is efficient and ensures a stress-free experience on Indian toll highways. It saves your time at toll plazas and reduces traffic congestion. Besides reducing the travel time, it also offers you a smooth riding experience. Such an effortless experience makes your entire journey smoother by saving your time. So, avoid getting stuck in traffic jams at toll plazas and maintain a steady speed without waiting at the long queues in the tox plazas.

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