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How To Grow Your TikTok Following: A Step-By-Step Guide

TikTok has been stealing the spotlight lately, and for good reason. It’s become the go-to platform for businesses and individuals aiming to make a big splash on social media.

With over one billion users, TikTok offers an incredible demographic mix for anyone looking to promote their brand, products, or even build a huge, monetizable fan base as a TikTok influencer. Savvy companies and social media stars are expanding their online presence by embracing TikTok, but Instagram continues to set the bar high.

For those just starting their TikTok journey, gaining popularity can be a lengthy and challenging process. The competition for a large audience on the app is fiercer than ever.

There are plenty of strategies to help you achieve your goals on TikTok. Here’s a friendly game plan to boost your account and attract more followers and it starts with buying TikTok followers from services like buytiktokfollowers.

Get Started By Buying TikTok Followers

Buying followers can be somewhat difficult, and the reasons for doing it might not be obvious at first. Here’s a simple breakdown of how the process works and how it can boost your TikTok popularity and influence.

Getting Seen On TikTok

When you post on TikTok, only a fraction of the app’s two billion users will see your content. Your existing followers will see your videos, but beyond that, it can be tough to reach a broader audience. With so much content uploaded every day, it’s challenging for everything to get noticed.

Some users, however, do manage to get wider visibility. TikTok's algorithms tend to favour videos from accounts with a large or rapidly growing follower base.

Your goal, then, should be to become one of those accounts. The more people who see your content, the more chances you have to impress viewers and gain new followers.

Since you’re reading this, you probably don’t have a massive fan base yet. So, how do you show the algorithms that your account is on the rise?

Buying TikTok followers can be an effective strategy. When the system detects a surge in your follower count, it often rewards you with greater visibility. This increased exposure can lead to organic growth, with your views, likes, and follower count rising more quickly than through other methods.

In essence, purchased followers aren’t the end goal. Instead, they act as the boost needed to kickstart substantial growth in your follower base.

Buying Quality TikTok Followers

Before you dive into searching for websites that sell TikTok followers and reaching for your credit card, there’s an important consideration to keep in mind.

Some vendors offering TikTok followers are not trustworthy.

Here’s how it works: they use automated bots and loopholes to generate "fake" TikTok followers and inject them into your account. Initially, your follower count may soar, but this growth is short-lived. TikTok actively detects and removes fake accounts, which means your inflated numbers will quickly dwindle. Not only do these fake followers fail to contribute to genuine account growth, but the money spent on them is wasted, and there’s a risk of penalties for violating TikTok’s policies against purchasing fake engagement. In severe cases, TikTok may even suspend accounts engaged in such practices.

To steer clear of these pitfalls, it’s crucial to purchase followers only from reputable social media services known for delivering authentic TikTok engagement over an extended period.

These reputable providers maintain extensive networks of real TikTok users who willingly follow you. These are genuine individuals with their own active TikTok accounts, ensuring sustained and organic growth for your profile.

So where can you find trustworthy services?

Best Places to Buy TikTok Followers

Finding services that can genuinely deliver real TikTok followers is challenging amidst the numerous platforms offering TikTok engagements. Disreputable websites typically won’t disclose their use of bots to generate fake followers. Many falsely promise that their services will boost your visibility and popularity on TikTok.

Tikster stands out as the most budget-friendly option among the three that we tried, despite their prices being in a similar range. is widely recognized as a top-tier provider for TikTok, offering premium services. FameRush, a newer player in the field, is quickly gaining popularity for its high-quality follower packages.

All three providers offer small, medium, and large follower packages suited for different needs: from new TikTok users and small accounts to influencers and large businesses looking to enhance their presence.

They guarantee delivery of real followers almost instantly, with the option to upgrade to premium followers for added impact on TikTok growth. Each ensures the security of customers’ personal and financial details, backed by round-the-clock customer support.

Most importantly, these services deliver genuine followers that remain on your account long-term, fostering organic TikTok growth without risking your account’s integrity.

What To Do First

Before investing in TikTok followers, it's essential to ensure that your account and content are good enough to convert new viewers into followers. If your content doesn't resonate with them, purchasing followers could end up being a wasted investment in your TikTok growth.

  1. Have A Good Baseline Strategy

There’s nothing wrong with posting whatever you feel like on your Instagram account. You just shouldn’t expect your stream-of-consciousness posts to hit the right notes with a large number of potential followers.

Before creating content and uploading it, figure out exactly what you want to accomplish with your Instagram presence.

Do you want to appeal to a broad audience with funny or cute videos? Do you want to build a smaller but still important fan base with appealing but more niche content, like makeup tutorials or pet tips? Do you want to build a community around your business or brand, or introduce new products to a smaller target market?

Once you know who you’re trying to draw in, you’ll better understand the type of content that will appeal to your desired following. When you hit the sweet spot, the increased visibility your purchased followers will bring will become a large infusion of organic views, likes and followers.

  1. Create Good Original Content

Start by creating compelling, high-quality content that your audience will find irresistible — but hold off on posting it for now, unless it's time-sensitive. Consistency is key, so aim to maintain a regular posting schedule. If you don’t have a backlog of content saved up, life's unexpected events could disrupt your posting consistency. Only begin posting when you’re fully prepared.

A consistent posting schedule informs your TikTok followers when to expect fresh content, keeping them engaged and less likely to unfollow. New viewers who have encountered your content a few times but haven't followed you yet will know when to check for updates. Ideally, they'll decide to hit the follow button once they see the consistent quality of your uploads.

Some experts recommend daily posts, while others advocate for a few times per week to avoid overwhelming your followers. Whatever schedule you choose, stick to it and ensure you have several weeks' worth of content prepared in advance. Numerous scheduling tools are available to help you plan ahead.

When creating new content, prioritise high-quality video production with good lighting and audio. Professional equipment is ideal, but a high-end smartphone with a good camera and accessible editing software can also yield impressive results. Just as you wouldn't spend time watching blurry or poorly edited videos, neither will your audience.

If you’ve run out of ideas you can create a collage of content using a TikTok video downloader like SSSTik. Once you’ve downloaded the videos, put them together using Canva and make a reaction video. 

Additionally, while filming content, take a moment to optimise your TikTok profile and bio. Many users will visit these sections before deciding to follow you, so your profile and bio should clearly define who you are and the type of content your account offers. A compelling bio can sway undecided users to follow you.

In your username, if possible, highlight your niche to enhance visibility in TikTok searches related to your subject. With only 80 characters for your bio, convey as much pertinent information as possible in an engaging manner. You have one link in your profile, so choose your destination wisely and consider tagging your location for added visibility.

  1. Evaluate What's Working

Even when your TikTok following is on the rise, it's important to evaluate what's working and what can be improved. TikTok provides valuable insights through data such as your best-performing videos, the times when your audience is most active, and the demographic composition of your viewers. 

Use TikTok Insights to identify which videos resonate most with your audience. Look for trends in content type, style, and topics that consistently receive high engagement. Pay attention to comments, likes, shares, and views to gauge audience interest.

Based on your insights, refine your content strategy and posting schedule. Adjust your approach to align with what your audience prefers and when they are most active. 

Experiment with different types of content while keeping track of performance metrics to determine what works best. Continuously adapting to meet your audience's preferences will not only retain your current followers but also attract new ones. By consistently delivering content that resonates, you'll foster stronger engagement and potentially increase your TikTok following over time.

Regularly reviewing TikTok Insights ensures you stay informed about your audience's behaviour and preferences, empowering you to optimise your content strategy for sustained growth and engagement.

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