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How to Boost Search Engines Optimization Rankings


There is so much competition in the market and no one wants to lag behind one’s competitors in the digital market and it all depends on how much traffic you can generate on your website. We often wonder about how we can increase web traffic on our respective websites. Ranking on the first page on any search engines takes hard labor, but with the use of proper SEO hacks, one can easily crack the website rankings. But before understanding the tactics to boost your Search Engine Optimization let us understand how search engines actually work.

Understanding How Search Engine Optimization Works

  • Every search engine has web crawlers that are designed to gather information from billions of webpages across the world and thereby organize them accordingly in the Search index. The software pays special attention to new sites and changes made to the existing ones and the links that do not exist anymore. Web crawlers also discover and give forth publicly available webpages first. The crawlers work by rendering the content of the page from keywords and thereby keeping track of them in the Search index.
  • Every search engine has a ranking system that is designed to give a web surfer the most useful information. Search algorithms manage the exact words of one’s inquiry, relevance, the expertise of sources, and the surfer’s location and settings. It tries to understand what sort of information one is searching for. Search engines have language models that decipher words and all other relevant words associated with it. It also involves interpreting spelling mistakes.
  • One can determine the relevancy of the information by looking for the same keywords that one has used for searching. The search engine crawlers give priority to the most reliable and trusted sources by identifying signals from pages demonstrating expertise, authoritativeness, and authenticity on a given subject. It also relies on aggregated feedback from the Search quality evaluation which is similar to rectifying gaming errors and glitches after reading the reviews.

Hacks to Boost Search Engine Optimization

Set the Webpage Privacy as Public

There are various websites and webpages which cannot be availed by the public in general or requires subscriptions. If one’s website or webpage is new, is it advisable to enable the site to the public and make the content free of cost at least in the initial stage. This is because publicly available content and information always get better SERP ranking.

Provide precise Titles for written content

Any written content must include proper headlines or titles. By proper, it is meant that one needs to avoid using pompous and dramatic headlines for the content. Instead, one can be precise about what the content is speaking about. Precise titles for example “10 Tips to Boost Your SEO rankings” have higher chances of ranking good in search engines than pompous and dramatic titles like “The Best and Most Systematic Approaches You Can Take to Improve Your SEO Ranking”. The simple reason is that most web crawlers rank content according to the written content’s relevant titles which can speak about the exactness of the content and further indicates that the content has useful information and less bragging or exaggeration.

Be Language-Specific

As English is a universal language, we use English to publish contents on our websites. But it is notable that that languages can act as barriers and let the people having less English knowledge leave your site, and eventually you lose lots of traffic. So, one should provide multiple important language alternatives on the web page, i.e., Español, Français, Россия (Russian), 普通话 (Mandarin), Deutsche (German), etc. The SEO Agentur Bavamont is also a company that does professional SEO for customers.

Publish only quality and error-free content

Low-quality content filled with visible errors has a high chance of suffering a setback in the search engine rankings. Thus, it is recommended to check and verify the quality of content that is being showcased on the web page and website. Irrelevant or wrong information can result in a penalty as well.

Keep making valuable changes in the webpage

Search engines always pay special attention to websites that are new and have relevant changes made within the web framework. So in order to grab the attention of search engine web crawlers and change the rankings, one needs to keep updating the webpage. The authenticity and freshness of the published content is a top priority for web crawlers and thus, there must valuable freshness in the content in order to get a good ranking.

Make sure to backlink sources

A content that has the proper backlink or mentions and provides a biography of the author has a high prospect of landing on the first SERP page. One can also provide links from blogs, author bio sections, product pages, news sites, forums, and directories.

Opt for PPC ads

If one wants to further boost their search engine optimization, there is an option to pay for advertisements on search engines and social media platforms. One only needs to fix a budget and avail any plan like cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA). The search engine will advertise the services or products provided by one’s business and website.

Input speech recognition API using HTML codes

Using a few HTML codes one can create speech recognition in one’s website which will enhance search optimization. This is primarily because most users these days search by using voice recognition search engines and the number of users using voice recognition will significantly increase in the near future. So in order to be prepared for the future, one can his/her website to facilitate ranking in voice searches.

Make the webpage Mobile-Friendly with AMP

Most web pages these days are available on mobiles and android phones and most search engines prioritize mobile-friendly sites. Thus, in order to make one’s webpage or website mobile-friendly, the website needs to use AMP that helps in fast-forwarding the uploading process of huge websites and webpages on mobile phones. Webpages that can load on mobile phones instantly are most likely to get a good ranking in search engines. One can also make further changes like enlarging buttons sizes because magnifying the screen, every time, for some useful information is time-consuming and not preferable to users. Other than buttons useful content also needs to be enlarged accordingly. Large font sizes are more preferable according to popular search engines. Making the webpage overall mobile friendly is highly recommended for getting a good SEO ranking.

Switch to HTTPS web protocol

Most search engines these days warn users about web pages and websites that are not encrypted or have not updated to HTTPS web protocol. This new protocol enables the web users a safe web environment where all the information is encrypted and the data of the user is safer. Thus, it is advisable to switch from any other old protocol to the latest HTTPS web protocol in order to let the users visit the website without experiencing any security warnings.

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The above-mentioned hacks allow a website to get more traffics and easily get the place in the 1st page of the SERPs. By using these hacks one can effectively boost one’s website’s search engine optimization which can significantly contribute to the growth in business.

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