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How to Backup VMware ESXi VMs Easily

The advent of virtualization has changed the way businesses manage their IT infrastructure, and many businesses are familiar with VMware ESXi, one of the leading platforms for virtualization. VMware ESXi is a hypervisor, software that creates and manages virtual machines (VMs) on physical servers. It can provide a powerful and efficient platform for running multiple virtualized operating systems, applications, and services.

Despite the resilience and flexibility of VMware ESXi, data can still be lost or corrupted due to a variety of factors such as hardware failure, software bugs or malicious attacks. Therefore, it is essential to backup VMware ESXi to protect critical data.

What to Consider When Backing Up VMware ESXi

A reliable backup strategy helps a business in the long-term. How to choose an ideal backup solution for VMware ESXi? A wrong backup strategy can bring you incalculable losses. Here are some important suggestions to consider when backing up VMware ESXi in your organization.

  • Data Importance and Criticality:

Prioritize your data based on its importance to your organization. Identify critical VMs and data that require frequent backups to minimize potential losses in case of failures or disasters.

  • Backup Frequency:

Determine how often you need to perform backups based on your business needs and data change rates. Critical systems may require more frequent backups, while less critical data can be backed up less frequently.

  • Retention Policies:

Establish retention policies that dictate how long backup data should be retained. Consider regulatory requirements, compliance standards, and business continuity needs when defining retention periods for your backups.

  • Storage Capacity and Scalability:

Ensure that your backup storage infrastructure can accommodate the size and growth of your backup data. Plan for scalability to accommodate future expansion and avoid storage constraints that could impact backup operations.

  • Backup Methodologies:

Choose the appropriate backup methodologies, such as full, incremental, or differential backups, based on your data recovery objectives, storage efficiency requirements, and backup window constraints.

In order to meet these requirements, AOMEI Cyber Backup stands out from the crowd as the most ideal choice for enterprises to back up VMware ESXi.

Step-by-Step Guide for Backing Up VMware ESXi with AOMEI Cyber Backup

By considering these factors when backing up VMware ESXi, AOMEI Cyber Backup offers a comprehensive VMware backup solution that meets your organization's data protection requirements and ensures the availability and integrity of critical business data.

Scheduled backups, incremental backups, and email notifications offered by AOMEI Cyber Backup are common features of automated backup solutions. By setting up automatic backup schedules, you can keep your data safe at all times.

Intuitive interface: Simplify and manage VM backup process for managing backup settings.

Auto Backup: Automation streamlines backup operations by eliminating manual intervention and ensuring consistency across backup tasks.

Centralized Management: Centralized Backup and Management: Centralize the backup process for multiple VMware virtual machines, eliminating the need to install agents one by one.

💡 Easier steps to backup and restore ESXi virtual machines:

  1. Download AOMEI Cyber Bakcup and add vCenter or Standalone ESXi host as the source device.
  2. how-to-backup-vmware-esxi-vms-easily
  3. Click Backup TaskCreate New Taskto set up backup task.

* Enter a task name > Choose VMware ESXi > Select VMware ESXi VMs for backup.

  1. Schedulethe backup: specify the backup way as full / incremental / differential backup, and select the specific time for automatic backup.
  2. Backup Cleanup: Select backup retention policy to delete old files, thus releasing disk space.
  3. Click Start Backup.
  4. Click Restore, select the recovery version and locations. It’s also an efficient way to migrate VM to another host easily.

As a reliable backup software, AOMEI Cyber Backup provides numerous backup strategies to protect your VMware ESXi virtual machines, ensuring data security. In addition, its affordability and scalability make it ideal for organizations of all sizes seeking a robust VMware backup solution.


With an intuitive interface and flexible backup options, AOMEI Cyber Backup simplifies the process of protecting VMware ESXi virtual machines, ensuring data integrity and availability. Its reliable recovery features quickly restore VMs in the event of data loss or system failure. Don't leave your VMware virtual machines exposed to danger, be ready to respond and protect your organization's data now!

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