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How to Spot and Report Phone Scams

Unwanted phone calls are nuisance and break your privacy. But even worse, phone and SMS scams could cost you anywhere from a few dollars to your life savings. The excellent thing you can perform to save yourself is to not respond telephone calls from numbers you do not recognize and use Callmsg to report Spam Calls. Or if you do reply but do not know the caller, just hang up.

How to detect a scam phone call

Telephone scammers generally try to force you with attractive appeals, offers for charitable reasons, or claims of being linked with the government. They would not permit time for you to think through their pitch. They will force you to make a decision.

Regardless of their message or behaviour, a phone scammer’s goal is to get you to either send them cash or provide your personal detail.

Below are general warning signs of a phone scam:

  • Use a high-force sales techniques and “limited-time” offers
  • A claim that you have been specifically picked
  • Request that you “verify your personal information”
  • Request your debit or credit card or other payment instrument for “handling and shipping”
  • Request payment by means other than credit card – including gift card, cash, wire transfer or private courier
  • The call begins with a pre-recorded message 
  • Use of hazards if you do not fulfil – even the thread of arrest
  • Claim you have a virus on your personal computer or request to log in to your computer
  • Claims to be a relative or friend in need of money – but they do not give you any time to think or contact others

Below are a few techniques you can help protect from phone scams.

Enroll in the do-not-call list

To reduce calls from scammers and telemarketers, you can enroll your cell phone and residential Report Scam Numbers with the state and federal do-not-call lists.

Unluckily, illegitimate firms and fake artists do not value do-not call lists. So, once your enrolment goes into upshot, you should be extra alert of unwanted telemarketing calls if not you know that they come from a firm with which you have an established, legitimate relationship.

Use call blocking services and report spam numbers

Mobile phones

To block unwanted calls on your mobile phone, you can download a 3rd party call blocking app. These applications detect spam calls by using blacklist databases, blocking numbers that have got a high number of consumer complaints. 

Many mobile phones contain specs built into the phone that will identify suspect spam calls or block calls from the specific numbers. For some you may have to deal with the list yourself and the phone may have a limit on how many numbers can be blocked, but these specs can be used in addition to or instead of 3rd party applications.

Landline phones

There are call-blocking device that can be installed straight on your home phone or over the online world. Not all services or devices work all types of home carriers or phones, so you will want to check with your phone firm before making a purchase.

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