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How Smartphones Are Changing Advertising

Almost everyone in the developed world has a smartphone between the ages of 18-30 it doesn't matter whether you are an Apple fan or you are an Android lover, there are smartphones everywhere for all budgets. There’s a good reason, then, that marketing and advertising companies are changing the way that they do things to suit smartphone users. If you can imagine for a moment just how many people hold these devices, you would then realize that the information that needs to be given to customers has to come this way - via smartphone.

We are all far more connected than we used to be. People bring their smartphones everywhere, which means that they can access the internet anywhere and always be able to connect when they commute when they are in bed awaiting sleep. You name it, and people can do it at any time of day because they have access to a smartphone to help them to do it. Marketers have had to adapt very quickly to the new technology, and it’s a lucrative way for brands to get their message to the audience. So, how is mobile technology changing advertising?

Smartphones Changing Advertising
  1. Billboard advertising is offering free QR code use to viewers. All they have to do is use their smartphone camera app to scan the QR code and see what is on offer. With billboard advertising becoming more smartphone friendly, that’s an instant change! You can even use a QR code to play a game and this is a good way to keep users interested in the product or service you have to offer.
  2. Mobile-friendly websites are no longer an optional extra. They are a must and if you don't have a website that is immediately adaptable to a smartphone, then it’s time to make an investment and pay a developer to change things around for you. It doesn't have to look overly complicated, but you do need to consider how to make your website far friendlier to others. 
  3. Offering a personalized service is so much easier with the birth of smartphones. You can use apps and the data you capture to appeal to your customers directly. It’s a great way to ensure that you are able to connect with customers better.
  4. You are far better able to gather the information and data that you need from your customers when they sign in using their smartphones. Marketers know that consumers are happier when they are more informed than before.
  5. Communication with customers is one to one. You can offer live chat options and have communication options 24/7 and this is something that would only be possible when people use their smartphones - especially if they do not have computers at home. 
  6. Start looking into developing an app that people can download with a QR code discount on leaflets and billboards to entice people to download. Other brands have had a lot of success with apps that bring more customers in than ever before. Discounts and money off is just the bonus you needed!
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