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How to Return My WOW Internet Equipment

Return WOW Internet Equipment

WOW provides not just Internet service, but also telephone and cable TV services. When you sign up for WOW Internet, you'll receive some equipment in the mail. Unless you've paid for the equipment outright, which is usually prohibitively expensive, it will be rented to you.

You can keep the equipment for a minimal monthly charge as long as you have active WOW Internet packages. You must return all WOW equipment when you discontinue your WOW subscription or service.

In this article, we'll explain how to send back your WOW equipment. You'll know exactly where and when to bring back your WOW gear. You'll find out exactly what happens if you don't return your WOW equipment, among other things.

How reliable is WOW's Internet Service?

When it comes to service quality, internet speed, and general business practices, WOW is a good option. It's a solid cable service provider with a footprint in the U.S. heartland and South. 

If you sign up with WOW, you may rest easy knowing that you'll always have access to their services. In addition, you can get internet service through your cable provider without signing a contract with the provider. 

WOW not only offers free cable modem equipment (on hire terms) but also promises high download speeds at a low monthly rate.

Through its hybrid fiber-coaxial lines, it also provides fiber internet service, guaranteeing swift downloads almost always. 

Do You Need to Purchase or Rent WOW Equipment?

To use their on-demand service, WOW doesn't require a legally binding agreement. The representative will explain to you that you can either buy or lease the WOW equipment. The only problem is...renting the modem and other customer equipment will incur a monthly charge. 

You will also have to pay extra fees like "base" and "beacon." If you are looking to save money, we suggest investing in a modem that is compatible with WOW.

When Can You Send Back Your Wow Stuff?

In light of the benefits of WOW Internet that were discussed above, why would you consider canceling your subscription? Here are a number of reasons why you might want to return WOW equipment...

Defective Equipment

Is there something wrong with your WOW equipment? If yes, then you can send it back to the business for processing.

WOW will investigate the primary problems after receiving the device, fix it if necessary, and send it back. The company will pay for the repairs if they determine that the problem is due to technical factors beyond your control.

However, WOW will ship you a replacement if testing finds that the device is damaged beyond repair. Equipment returns must be received no later than 30 days after the original purchase date.

If You Decide to Cancel Your Subscription

If you wish to terminate your WOW service, you will need to send back any equipment that was provided to you.

When You Relocate Somewhere That Doesn't Offer WOW Service

It's amazing how many places have WOW coverage. However, you must return the equipment if you relocate to an area that is not covered by WOW.

Steps for Sending Back WOW Gear

Now that you know when you can return your WOW equipment, it’s time to understand how you can go about returning it successfully.

End Your Subscription

Step one is obviously ending your WOW service. To cancel your WOW service, call their customer service number, 855-349-9313. Then, erase all of your personal information by doing a factory reset on the device.

Get Ready to Ship the WOW Equipment

Remove any plugged-in cables, wires, and connectors. Prepare a box for transporting the equipment. When packing your equipment for transport, make sure to include all necessary attachments. Use bubble wrap (available on Amazon) to further insulate the devices.

Drop Gear At the Nearest Available Facility

Finally, take the gear to the nearest WOW location and leave it in the equipment drop box there.

What Equipment Will I Need to Return to WOW?

  • The setup box, modem, and router
  • Cables

When Should You Return WOW Equipment?

WOW equipment return deadlines are situation-specific. WOW will accept defective new equipment for exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase. If you cancel your service, you have 14 days from the cancelation date to return the equipment.

Is There Any Penalty for Not Returning WOW Equipment?

It is a violation of the terms of service to keep WOW equipment after canceling the subscription. The fine is the amount needed to replace the gear you failed to return.

All in All

We trust you have learned how to cancel WOW and its related services. You can rest assured that each of the strategies outlined above has been thoroughly examined and found to be effective.

Don't forget to return the equipment or you will have to pay a fee. Please let us know in the comments if you still require assistance.

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