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How to Put Tender Online?

Put Tender Online

So, you have found an opportunity that aligns with your organisational aspirations and wants to learn "how to put tender online." This article will help you understand Australia's tendering process and answer common bidding queries.

The Tendering Process in Australia

AusTender is the official website of the Australian government that helps business owners find different opportunities to work with the government and learn how to sell their products or services to government agencies. To begin learning about such opportunities, you must register on AusTender. During the registration process, you will have to put in all the details of your business so that opportunities that match your profile can be presented. Whenever you find such an opportunity, you will be given instructions on downloading tender documents and lodging a tender response under the opportunity details.

In case you are tendering for digital services, you may find opportunities with the local, state, territory or federal government. Similar to AusTender, the digital marketplace is another platform put forward by the Australian government for digital sellers.

Put Tender Online

A Guide to Government Procurement

As the Australian government understands, there is a large potential market for businesses of all sizes; it has created an in-depth guide that business owners can utilise to understand how the government market works, where the business opportunities reside, how to win business opportunities and what are the rules to buy from the private sector. Anyone interested in supplying goods or services to the Australian government must read this guide, as it will help you understand the specific demands and processes that apply when the government buys. It is helpful to mention that the guide does not cover practises of the state, territory or local government and under these sections, there are separate procurement rules, requirements and policies.

Some examples of rules and requirements have a transparent, ethical and sustainable practice that operates at international standards. This is why it is helpful to obtain your ISO certification even before you begin to look for procurement opportunities. ISO certifications are published by the parent entity International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is internationally recognised for publishing innovative, relevant and feasible standards that enhance an organisation's operational capabilities and its status in the global supply chain. Some tendering documents would ask you to attach the PDF version of your ISO certificate to prove that you have the operational capabilities to deliver the goods within time and within budget to the Australian government without compromising on the quality. Relevant ISO certificates include ISO 9001, which helps enhance quality management, ISO 14001, which improves environmental performance and ISO 45001, which reinforces your occupational safety.

ISO 9001 consultants Australia can help organisations to meet the requirements of this useful certification.

Put Tender Online

Identifying Opportunities to Sell to the Government

You can only publish the perfect response to a tendering opportunity if you have identified an opportunity that aligns with your business capabilities. The Australian government utilises various procurement methods to meet its requirements, generally termed Approaches To Market (ATM).

It is also helpful to do an asset inventory, as procedural rules mainly apply to procurement valued above $80,000. However, do not feel disheartened if your procurements do not value this amount, as you may be exempted by specific exemptions listed by the Australian government. To check these exemptions, read the procurement methods listed on AusTender. 

The procurement methods are either listed as an open tender or as a limited tender. Suppliers that are interested in an opportunity can respond to an open tender. All they have to do is ensure they match the required information stated in the evaluation criteria, as all responses would be evaluated against these predetermined criteria. You can be selected if you satisfy this criterion and have the necessary documents to back you up.

Limited tenders are only accessible to those suppliers that are invited by the Australian government. Again, to qualify for the specific restrictions to access a limited tender, your procurement must be valued at $80,000 or above. Additionally, certain circumstances are permitted under a limited tender and associated exemptions. To understand these exemptions, read the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPR) paragraph 10.3 and appendix A, respectively.

If you are willing to apply for tenders, hiring an ISO 45001 consultant can help you be suitable in the aspect of occupational safety.

Put Tender Online

How to put tender online?

Your response should comply with the ATM documentation, and it is beneficial to prepare and submit your response long before the specified date and time. Typically, in an ATM, you need a description of the procurement which will include the nature and scope of work statement of requirement, the deliverables or expected outcomes, any technical specifications, any need for installation, and an approximate timeframe. Additionally, the conditions for participation include relevant licenses, professional accreditation, or ability to meet security requirements, minimal health and safety standards, minimum level of financial resources and prior experience.

In terms of content, you would need to provide certificates of insurance or evidence of a certain license to support your submission. In relation to the format, a typical email submitted electronically will do.

Put Tender Online

Apply for tenders with Edara Systems Expert Consultants

In this article we have outlined the answer of how to put tender online. To post your tender online, you must adhere to the recommendations outlined in the Approaches To Market (ATM). It would help if you had a description of the procurement, adhered to the conditions for participation, and stuck to the evaluation criteria and the process rules. If you need professional help in tenders applying procedure, just contact Edara Systems.

Edara Systems help you get industry certifications and accreditations for your business, eliminate site and office paperwork, digitise your forms and documents, manage your OHS, and write tenders and bids for you to win jobs and projects with government, council, and tier 1 contractors. All you need to do is visit and contact their professional consultants or you can also call +61 2 8091 5777.

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