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How Do You Look at Your Old Tweets?

When you want to repost the old tweet of yours but as you are keeping on searching, you could not find the tweet. If you are in such a situation, then you have come to the right place to find and search old tweets.

We are going to share the trick to find your old tweet even without scrolling down manually for hours.

Reasons you can’t find your tweets:

If you feel like you want to see the first tweet that you have tweeted, you scroll down to the maximum and find out that you cannot see that first tweet. But we assure that you can see your first tweet just by following the methods given below.

The reason you cannot see your previous tweet is because your twitter will display only 3,200 tweets on your timeline.

How to find the old tweets?

Using the method given below, you could now know how to search your own tweets.

Method 1 - Use the search bar to find the old tweet:

Step 1: To find your old tweet, first you will go to and then click on the search bar.

Step 2: Then in the search bar type the username and the range of tweets you want to look at.

So basically it will look like the username and the range of dates in which you want to see the tweets.

Step 3: Now this will show you all the tweets from that time range, then you will have to click on the all option. By doing so, you can easily and quickly find search tweets by date.

Method 2 - With the advanced search function:

With the advanced search feature that is available in your twitter, you can find your old tweets.

Step 1: Visit the advanced in your browser and under the people section tap on from these accounts enter the username.

Step 2: You will have to enter the words or phrases that you remember from the tweet.

Step 3: Also select the dates on which you will need to search your tweet from starting date to the ending date.

This is how you will have to do an advanced search to find the old tweet that you are longing to see.

(Note: This is a tip regarding how to find old tweets with advanced features in twitter. But ensure that you enter the words correctly since only those tweets with that particular word will display as results.)

Method 3 - Ask twitter the complete archive of your tweets:

If you request twitter to send you the archive of every tweet you have sent, then twitter will give you the complete detail of what you have asked. Follow the steps given below to request twitter.

Step 1: First open your browser and visit

Step 2: Now under the option ‘content’, click on the button ‘request your archive’.

Step 3: To prepare your archive, it will take minutes, hours or even days for twitter. Based on the size of the archive, the time to prepare it may differ from user to user.

Step 4: Once it is ready, you will get a notification, then you can go to Then click on the option ‘download archive’ from the ‘download your data’ section. (Ensure that your email address is active, when you do these steps).

Step 5: When the archive is ready, now to that email address twitter will send a link to download.

Step 6: It will be a .zip file that consists of all your old tweets.

Know how to search old tweets? View in two ways whichever is of your convenience:

  • Double click on the index.html file and then view the archive of your old tweets that you need to browse.
  • Another method is to open the file tweets.csv in your spreadsheet and this will contain the breakdown of your tweets.

Method 4 - Usage of any third party application to check your tweet:

If you do not prefer to see the entire tweet to just see one tweet, then you can use any of the apps to get the result instantly.

Step 1: From your browser, visit the website and then sign in to your account.

Step 2: Then type on the username that you want to see the old tweets.

Step 3: If you have thousands of tweets, then it may take a little more time to load. It will be arranged in chronological order and hence it will be easy for you to find.

Step 4: You can use the checkboxes to hide all the retweets and replies. Now easily you can find all the old tweets that you need.

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