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How Long Does It Take to Build a
Magento eCommerce Progressive Web App?

We are living in the trend of Magento 2 PWA for eCommerce. It is the latest craze in online shopping that has brought the eCommerce business to new heights & it is getting more popular day by day.

It makes sure that an approachable online shopping experience for your consumers on both desktop and mobile devices. This astonishing advancement was done by Google itself.

Prevalent brands like Burger King, Starbucks, and Flipkart, are availing of the benefits of PWA at an extensive level. Bearing in mind that, a lot of eCommerce platforms have introduced their steadfast progressive web app development toolkits, Magento 2 PWA kit is still the best choice among eCommerce developers.

To stay ahead in the competition and make your business well-succeed, you need to choose PWA and hire a PWA app development company. Hence, if you are making up your mind to go with Magento progressive web app for your eCommerce websites or just want to know more about it, this article may help you. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Magento PWA, the Cost associated with the PWA Magento development and most importantly the time that is generally taken to build Magento eCommerce progressive web application. 

Advantages of Developing Magento 2 PWA for the Sellers

The rise in the rate of web mobile conversion 
Native mobile applications need additional plugins and modules to provide a personalised user experience. On the other hand, PWA provides built-in utilities to retain your audience engaged & hence increases the chance of consumer conversion rate.

Reduction in the Development cost
Building a Magento application costs much lesser than choosing traditional smartphone apps. If compared, the conventional ones charge you more as it needs the usage of a lot of high-end technologies as well as a team of devoted developers to make a hybrid or native mobile app.

Hike in buyer sessions duration
PWAs have experienced better customer engagement than regular applications. They make visitors satisfied with fluid web page navigation devoid of influencing other actions already going on their mobile, like messaging or background music.

Needs less time in page loading 
Progressive web applications load 5 times faster than any hybrid or native mobile app. They don’t require much space or quick internet connectivity and hence decrease the page load time.

Reduced Bounce rate
Moreover, PWAs assures a lower bounce rate. As it serves as a chunk of the browser, customers are neither forced to close it nor terminate it from the current tabs. Plus, it recurrently reminds them to come back again and complete their shopping, resulting in a reduced bounce rate than normal mobile applications.

Decrease Cart Rejection Rate
Progressive web applications are more interactive than conventional applications. It wisely raises customer engagement by mildly reminding them that they have overlooked an item sited in their cart or an inspiring discount offer/ coupon on checkout, which reduces the cart desertion rate.

Higher Ranking on SERP
Core web essentials of Google demand a faster page loading speed of fewer than 3 seconds, smoother website navigation and non-pixelated images. Appreciatively, Magento 2 PWA possesses all of these characteristics and thus provides higher SERP rankings in comparison to your competitors.

How much time does it take to build a Magento eCommerce PWA?

The procedure of building a website can be categorised into 3 different segments:

  1. Planning 
  2. Designing 
  3. Development

Time Required for Planning

The primary thing to exactly estimate the timespan of a project is to consume sufficient time to plan the complete process.

Firstly, you need to outline the content of your website in a sitemap. The sitemap is also called a website wireframe that shows what pages will be shown on your website and also the way they will be arranged. This will assist you to know how big your site is. While a tiny online store may require a few pages, a big business website may want thousands of pages to include its complete product offering.

Once the site is mapped out, you should think about the functionality. What actions can customers do on your business site? You might necessitate eCommerce functionalities with the aim that users can purchase your items on your website or calendar where the team can put events, and users can enrol to join. Complex features will need more time for accomplishment.

Through this information, you can start thinking of locating potential consumers. If you do appropriate planning, developers can provide a detailed as well as precise estimation in terms of cost and time.

Planning needs extra time for more complex and larger-scale business websites but could require from some days for small companies to a few weeks or even months for larger businesses, where officialdom can intrude the process.

Time Required for Designing 

Once you are done with the first step of planning, you can begin working with a website designer to create the look of your site. Towards the end of the procedure, you will give several design mockups that a developer can employ as a reference to develop the final site.

When talking about web design, a lot of people quickly think of the homepage. However, your website may comprise different types of pages that need spectacular designs. Your offered product pages will vary from your regular blog posts, and you might think to have exceptional landing pages that are planned as well as designed to encourage visitors to a particular action.

After that, you can allow your designer to begin your later design mockups. Nevertheless, it is important to create some web page wireframes earlier. Designers will focus on the content’s organization rather than the actual design. Thus, you can manage where everything goes beyond the interference of colours, fonts, and graphics.

This procedure results in a bunch of ultimate design mockups. Such mockups will allow you to know exactly what your site seems like, down to the photos, fonts, colours, and beyond. In addition, you also can talk to your designer to correct the final mockups. But you should not need so many revisions. And it is important to learn to trust the expertise as well as skills of your developers.

Designing can take between a week to a month for accomplishment. Again, take a bit of time to plan and grant clear guidance and suggestions to your designer; thus, you can make sure that the design time is on schedule. Extreme revisions take time and should never be crucial if you take satisfactory time on planning.

Time Required for Development 

So far, you are done with the sitemaps as well as design mockups, and each of your functionalities is decided. so, it is the perfect moment to start development. In this stage, you can work with a professional web developer to find out the most suitable technology to address your exact demands.

The most important thing you can focus on is the content to avoid wasting time. Once your website is built, it will need crowding with the pictures and final text that bring to light your web pages.

Once the website is built, and you are all set with the content, you’ll need to do quality assurance testing before releasing it. This will ensure that everything works fine, and you will not encounter any website-breaking issues when the site appears live. You won’t find anything worse than wasting your effort and time on a website to postpone the launch and give an awful first impression to your users.

It will require some weeks to a few months to wind up the developing procedure. It is an important stage to get flawless, specifically if your website includes payment processing and sensitive information. Keep in mind to take one more week for bug testing once the development is formally done.

The Estimated Cost for ECommerce Magento App Development 

The rising number of mobile consumptions makes it apparent for businesses to capitalize on mobile application development services. In the year 2019, around 44.7% of eCommerce sales consumers made through mobile devices. Correspondingly, in the year 2021, these figures raised up to 53.9%. Consequently, the significance of getting a mobile-optimized business website surpassed like never.

A website built with a responsive design is the finest solution to attract a big number of audiences at the same time. But, the progressive web app development cost is highly expensive. For example:

  • Customized applications with additional features may rise up to $100k. These charges comprise planning, design, development, testing, corrections, and so on.
  • A native application costs a minimum of $40k to build, but for an improved result, it might get raised up to $65k-75k.
  • Moreover, maintenance & support go together with a price tag and seriously depend on the development company.

To Sum Up:

In the final words, all I can say is that building a Magento PWA for your eCommerce store can consume a minimum of some months. This timeline will also seriously rely on the size of the team as well as their expertise, still, the rough yet realistic estimation here is about 8 to 10 months.

Apart from that, you should be sure of up to 100k USD in terms of your development budget. Again, I would like to say that these numbers are estimated and will differ from one situation to another.

I hope that this piece of information provided to me will find handy for you. And if you are making up your mind to build a perfect app and looking for the best PWA app development company, you can choose our expert assistance for the most fruitful development.

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